Discussion of mid-March 2018 update

Anyone else getting the 404 error when clicking on the Glowforge for a friend link?

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@jbmanning5 earlier said there was a typo

Looks like a typo in the original post: should be https://glowforge.com/referrals

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I love that I’m able to work with the Glowforge fulltime and pay bills with it… but, my favorite thing might actually be being able to whip up sarcastic little gifts in minutes.


Oops, thank you! Should be fixed now.

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. :grinning:


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Moving this thread to Beyond the Manual… :smile:


Great news, but is there an update on when the air filters will ship?

My expect the email date was just pushed out to May 3rd. I ordered early on the first morning so I would think I’d be one of the first to receive one. Whether or not May (for email, not necessarily shipping) will hold is anyone’s guess.

Are there units shipping to Canada yet? I’d be happy to drive down and pick up one of those Pro units that are without a home :smiley: but seriously, I would.

Where do we share the #whatmadethis hashtag? Instagram, Facebook, here, etc.? Everywhere?


Can we find out the new price for the pro?

Shipping to Canada? No, they were actually just pushed again. Canadians having them shipped to the border and driving them across themselves? Yes.

Anywhere you want! We’ll be watching Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (in no particular order), as well as looking for blog posts and other webpages.

Note that Instagram makes it hard to include your referral link, though, so people may not actually get your referral link there.


The price on the website is unchanged, but your referral link now gives people a $1,500 discount from that price - so $5,495.

Thank you!

Any idea if I can change my current order to have it shipped to the US so I can snag one of the extra Pros?

Shoot a note to Support. Note that you can use the discount for international orders; they just go in the international unit queue (international-bound units are different from us-bound units, and are still backordered).

My sister just ordered one of the available DOMESTIC-ONLY pro models.
Wait… She has a beefier laser than me?
Hmmm… Sibling rivalry goes up a notch…

Well, I know how to use it when I need the pass-through, so there is that.

I’m stoked for a referral kickback in proofgrade.


Ahh okay cool. Thanks for the reply!