Mid-March update

You should be getting more detail via email sometime today - I’m posting a quick summary here in Announcements as well. Check your spam folder if you don’t see an email by tomorrow!

The news in brief:

  • Every US customer has been offered their Glowforge for delivery
  • International Basic and Pro manufacturing is underway and deliveries are arriving overseas now
  • We are preparing to lower prices and launch our products for sale to the general public - look for news in the weeks to come
  • In the meantime, we have a small number of extra US Glowforge Pro units available for shipment right now
  • We’re making those available to our customers and their friends, for delivery within the continental US within 10 days
  • If you share Glowforge with a friend, they get $1,500 off, and we’ll thank you with $500
  • If you share your work with the text #whatmadethis, we can share it (and your referral link) too

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