Discussion of mid-March 2018 update

Based on what I have read, I do believe a lot of the delays are not about the units themselves, but rather the country-by-country specifics related to importing (for you), exporting (for glowforge) laser devices.

There, of course, is some difference in production as well, as can be seen by the updates from Dan and others - that show US Pro units as available with (a small amount of) extra / available inventory, yet international units aren’t totally ready, but they have been reported as having been received in Europe (if not elsewhere) at this time.

I received my Basic unit on Friday, and while I haven’t had as much time to work with it as I would have liked, I can already tell what an amazing thing it is, and how truly limitless the potential is.

While I was disappointed at they delays I was faced with late last year (and so understand your frustration), I think you will be extremely pleased with the product once you do receive it.


So I could change my shipping address to somewhere in the states and pick it up to get it sooner?


Folks have done it. But remember that you still get stuck with the border fees and in the case of broken on delivery it means that you might have to cross the border a few more times.

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The primary reason is compliance and logistics per-country. The countries that are finished are getting International Basic and Pro units as fast as we can produce them. Other countries (like Australia) have additional C&L challenges that we’re working hard to clear. We hope to move that date in, but wanted to be conservative so we don’t have another surprise.

Yes, and we wanted to give access to lower prices now with our $1,500 referral discount. If you bought a pro for $6,995 (applies to purchasers since Dec 15 2017), you have already been sent an email from our support team letting you know that we’re pre-emptively refunding you $1,500.

Of course, most of our customers took advantage of one of our pre-order offers to pay even less than that!


piggybacking on rpegg’s comment, i would also suggest opening the box in the US and checking to make sure nothing is broken (maybe even plugging it in for a moment to see it start up properly) before taking it across the border. that way, in the unlikely even there is something wrong, you’re more likely to know before you leave the US and can ship it back immediately.

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Dan, International Shipping to singapore has been bumped from March, to April and then from April to May, and now from May to July.

Your product is already more than 2 years old, logistical issues should have been settled by now. It seems like whenever we reach close to a delivery date, Glowforge will most definitely push back the dates again. It’s not even surprising anymore. It gets very tiring to receive false hope.


The E-mail I just received asking me to refer people was a slap in the face.

How can I refer somebody for a product that I not only don’t have yet, but has had the delivery date I was given shifted from March, to April, and as of the E-mail (Which encouraged me to look, because so many shipping issues had been sorted out, and items had been shipped) now shows the date as late June. I’m in Canada - a few hours from the border, and we use the same electrical as the US - how is there such a huge delay?

If I get my Glowforge Pro shipped to a US address, will it ship inside a week?

Will there be issues then having it shipped from that address across the border?


Thanks for the response Dan.
Having more than 20 years experience in Global Strategic Sourcing, in a number of Forbes top 500 companies, I understand and appreciate the challenges, technical difficulties and varied aspects of customs & logistics into and out of Australia, Asia, Africa, USA , EU & Canada.
If I didn’t have this background I would have cancelled my order, which I placed on the 20 Oct 2015.
Having this background and knowledge, I hope all this C& L work had been started earlier, only neccesitating tweaks in documentation updates closer to delivery.

What I find most concerning is that it appears that targeted communication was not sent to each International customer, outlining the current details/hiccups, instead the delivery dates were just “slipped” with no specific, clear communication to each International customer. Even if you did this by country it would be more helpful, rather than slipping the date with no clear explanation.

“Additionally in your latest update there is a mention of lower product pricing being released to the public.”

“Yes, and we wanted to give access to lower prices now with our $1,500 referral discount. If you bought a pro for $6,995 (applies to purchasers since Dec 15 2017), you have already been sent an email from our support team letting you know that we’re pre-emptively refunding you $1,500.”

I purchased the Pro on 20 Oct 2015 and I paid US $7k for the Pro (as per my Glowforge online purchase record), therefore I get a US$1500 refund, is this correct?
Or are you saying we have to refer a product we don’t have, to hand on our heart recommend to a friend, to get the discount?


I purchased Pro on 12-5-2016 for$7000 so does this apply?

I can see the logistics in unicorn shipment. Unicorns having class 3 horns , shopping package to help contain flammable unicorn byproducts. Along with a safety manual and legal for the unicorn. :):smile:

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Everybody look at the Pre-Order Discount line that appears underneath your $7000 total. It’s probably more than $1500.

That’s just the way that purchasing program is set up.
I don’t believe anyone who ordered prior to December 2017 paid the full $7000. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, just looked you’re right, at least as far as I’m concerned… Still I saw a discount on the Filter and can’t be certain that has changed… :open_mouth:

Well, I don’t know about the filter, I cancelled mine when I upgraded to the Pro.

If you qualified for a discount on the filter though, they will apply it. That program (which they purchase from someone I think) doesn’t have a lot of slots for all the discounts to be listed individually. Just check your totals from your original emails - they’ll stick it in there somewhere. (Yes, I checked. I’m pro-Glowforge, because i like these guys, they’re incredibly generous, and they’re trying really hard, but I’m not a stupid person with money.) :wink:

And for gosh sakes you guys, the referral program is a way that you can score $500 if you’ve got a friend in the states who wants a laser, and they can get it slightly cheaper than it will probably wind up being in a couple of months…split the difference with them if it will salve your conscience…but think about it.

(Unless you happen to have the same friends i do, in which case, I’d appreciate you letting me have it.) :wink:


My date has been pushed back into July, any chance these are going to be moved back up (hopefully back to May)?. Otherwise it looks like a won’t be getting my Glowforge :frowning: (I had a deal with my boss if it didn’t arrive in May I had to cancel it because of all the delays).


…and we are all supposed to have jet packs by now…

I’d wait until the last minute to cancel - if they clear whatever hurdle they’ve got with distribution to wherever you’re located, it might jump back the other way.

There’s just no way to know - and those estimates are generated by an algorithm now.

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So was this email just a distraction so you could push the delivery date from April back to June? We should be charging you the interest on the $$ paid 2 years ago


Regrets… If only I knew that this was highly more focused on US Domestic shipment and that International challenges werent considered during the time of the 30-day campaign I wouldnt have made a pre-order. Once again another month delay fur us internationals… kinda don’t want to cancel due to the long long looooong wait… too late to quit my investment on the product. With the email… Not to sure if my friends would come aboard as they have been curious and asking me about my order. With disappointment everytime I update them, that I dont have it yet and it was delayed again and again. Highly felt that reference email is useless to me… :frowning:
Just hoping that things with Australian challenges gets fixed swiftly. Seriously cannot wait anymore D:


Neat trick if you could get away with it. The GF Pro with filter wasn’t selling anywhere near $7000 back then. Shipping doesn’t count. Also what you pasted. :grinning:

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Update/ Retraction
Just wentinto my Glowforge Order history, second time today, my purchase history has been updated, and now reflects my purchase invoice - all good here. :+1:t2::+1:t2: