Discussion of mid-March 2018 update

I wasn’t including the filter purchase, just the pro. But I did see a lower price for those who didn’t purchase the filter the first time. I believe $750 vs $1000.

Why is there units readily available when a lot of Canadians are sitting waiting and yet again the date is bumped again 2 months no less? How is this speeding up deliveries? It isn’t that difficult to ship to Canada. God knows that every other business has figured it out and you’ve had 2 years to figure it out! This is getting rediculous and trying to get referrals when you can’t even get the products to the original backers is absurd. I am at my wits end with this and if this gets bumped again I will be cancelling my order.


I’d like to know why none of these “Compliance” issues were not addressed in the 2 years you’ve had, knowing you were going to be shipping to these countries. Endlessly frustrating and disappointing updates.

I’m guessing that a lot of the compliance issues could not begin to be addressed until you have finished, production ready units so that the governmental regulatory agencies know exactly what is going out to their citizens. Seems to be how they usually work…


Don’t be ridiculous. We were not supposed to have jet packs.

It was flying cars.

Where is my flying car?


Given that they had to make hardware changes for Europe, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a special Canadian model. Perhaps software that enforces the production of a minimum of 40% Canadian content, or refuses to cut holes in maple without permission from the Federation. Or it could be held up by quality testing to ensure the button can be reliably pressed with mittens on.


@dan - Can folks who have already filled up their “referral bar” still get additional $500 referral bonuses?

So, if i refer myself for a pro unit, i get $1500 off, plus $500 back to me? ($2k savings?)

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Too bad they are not doing a trade-up program. As much as we would like to get a Pro and even with the 1500$ off. That’s well outside of our wheel house.

We have inventory of US units, but not units approved for international delivery. Further, we haven’t cleared compliance & logistics for Canada yet, so we can’t ship the international units we do have (and are manufacturing as fast as we can) there. We have most of our customers’ countries cleared, but unfortunately not Canada (or Mexico or Australia).

We addressed many of them, but some couldn’t be started until recently.

Our software doesn’t support a “new bar” for this campaign, but yes! Shoot a note to support and they will confirm.

The software won’t let you use your own referral code, but if you need one to make another purchase, you can find one here.

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Hey @dan, congrats on the news. It’s great that your domestic shipping is complete.

Just logged in to check mine was still slated to arrive in Australia around the 30th of March to discover it’s now been pushed out again to mid-June. It was initially looking like April when you announced the shipping estimation last year and then it slowly seemed to reign in to the end of March over the last few months. Am a little shocked yet again that it’s slipped. Can you give me an idea of whats happening with international certification and prep for the international version?

Update: Apologies for the duplication, just read the post from @hbcampbellmelbourne

Melbourne, Australia

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He did respond to that one here, in case you didn’t see it:

all Canadian models need to read “Glowforgé " to comply with french Quebecois laws. app.glowforge has to be bilingual.
bed size in canada is 11.5” x 20", but that’s only 7"x15" US. at of course it would be metric only…
what else?


I imagine you could do this with your referral code just by making a new account too

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oh no~~~~
i check my glowforge delever data today,
it was push back again form April to Jun28…

could i know why?

Feel free to use mine… please


I strongly agree with what you said.

The so called email is just an advertisement rather than any solid update for the international customers. 95% of the content of the email is about the referral link. Honestly, no international customer care about it.

It is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense for us to advertise/recommend the product we didn’t have it on-hand. It is slapping our face that asking us to use the hashtag #wemadethis.
It is because we have no machine to make anything.

Only one sentence is about the shipment and it is meaningless and explained nothing for us.

“International shipments are underway, and the factory is now building International Basic and Pro units as fast as we can”

It is giving me a feeling that the international Basic and Pro units are just making now and what you said before the units are making in the last year was a lie for us. The number of pre-order of international units should be well-estimated since 2016. And that number doesn’t suddenly change much since the update of last year July.

Now, I would like to understand that the current delay is purely because of the C&L issue or the production issue? Since in the previous updates, @dan highly mentioned that the glowforge basic/ pro is undergo manufacturing since last year.

Since the date is keeping delay in every two months, for us in a blackbox, we just think it is the production problem as well as management issue from your company.

I think the recent update us meaningless for the international customers. Keep saying the shipment is underway and delay because of C&L issues and keep asking us to login and read the schedule in our account which is changing in every two months.

In my opinion, it fails for you to explain to customers what is going on and what is going wrong now. And you should explain it country-by-country and give us a solid date for the shipment.

I understand it is always issues/ something wrong to cause the delay. But blinding the customers in a blackbox, it doesn’t help us to keep our faith and trust on you.

Eventually i might, but i was just mainly wondering if it was possible to get at $2k discount that way.

Been here since the earliest of days and my jimmies have been rustled a few times.