Discussion of November 2022 update

Post for the discussion of the latest update:


As a designer, I too have been shocked at how many designs I’ve been downloading…now finding time to print them is a whole other story!

I thought maybe it was because I was there too soon - but you’re saying the PG sale is open - so just in case anyone else is having the same issue
I’ve been unable to add any PG material to my cart using Chrome for the past few days. When I first go to a product, the Add to Cart button is teal, but nothing happens when I click it. If I change any setting it greys out and then even going back to the first one greys out too.
It works in Firefox, and in Incognito Chrome so it’s an add-on, but I’ve no idea which one. I’ve got AdBlock turned off for glowforge.com.


I loved the update! Thank you for posting!
Both of my kids sat next to me reading your post, and it made their day.
Have an amazing Thanksgiving!!!


@chris1 you know any tricks in console for diagnosing plug-in issues?

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll pass that along to the team.


I have no technique besides a binary search (i.e. turn half of them off at a time). Only the ones that say “These extensions can change information on this site” should be able to affect it, so it’s usually not a huge list.

I actually just ran into this problem on ups.com yesterday, and it was driving me bananas because it worked in Incognito, but disabling all my extensions did not help. I finally tried deleting cookies for the site and magically it worked again. :man_shrugging:t4:


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