Discussion of the April '17 update

Bay Area Maker Faire should be able to demo them well enough.

I would absolutely keep it. Worst case scenario you only break it out some Christmas when you forgot to shop for gifts and instead run over to the large extended family get together with the Glowforge and Filter + a pile of Proofgrade.


If I had a basic I would definitely have a filter for taking to conventions. I just picked up a booth at a couple other local conventions. I can’t wait

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Sniping to be 100th… Yay me!

I really appreciated this update. Very nice to see that we’re really just within 3 months or so of units shipping. :slight_smile:

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You are not alone, though. That’s what I ordered, as well. I have a pre-release right now and you won’t be disappointed!


Unfortunately it’s missing as of this morning - I’m guessing it fell down & the cleaning folks took it. Are you wondering about the alignment, or the quality of cutting on paper, or something else?

No ETA yet. :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of testing setups - many of them at 3rd party contractors who do specialized tests on our behalf, so unfortunately not always ours to share.

Hey @Tony, @chadmart1076 wants a pony.


I was mostly wondering about the alignment. Didn’t even catch that it was on paper. (And at least your beams weren’t at 66" over some stairs.)

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I couldnt tell what material it was made from in the photo, but if you have any details on either of those beyond what was in the photos we’d all love to hear/see em! Any chance of a repeat demo with another material, acrylic maybe?

Is the cut a perfect continuance? when moving it through the passthrough slot does it really matter where you put it on the bed to continue the cut or are there certain parameters you have to follow? Can you change the angle of the piece?

Would it be possible to engrave a giant circular piece of material? Or a curvy one?

Are the passthrough engravings using the head camera to line everything up or is it still just the lid cam?


Excellent update Dan. Looking forward to shipping (based on current schedules). Have seen some vids from Bob Clagett and David Picciuto and am amazed at the work.

Will you be at Bay Area Maker Faire again this year?

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There are at least two prerelease units going to be at Bay Area Maker Faire and Glowforge will be there too.


great update! Thanks for the pics of things we haven’t seen before! The pro looks so cool, and I love the sign. :smiley:

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That might be a good place to demo a Pro and, dare I say it, a filter as well. Rivet the passthrough closed to satisfy the safety folks.


They will likely never publicly demo a Pro because of the Class IV restriction. At least that’s the impression we get from Dan. Might eventually bring one but then rely on a video demo to show the capabilities.


That would work for me - I’m getting real anxious to see a working Pro and a filter.


It was paper off a long roll.

Unfortunately the answer to all this is “the software’s not done yet” - so nothing right now is representative of the feature we’ll ship to you. It will be much better. :slight_smile: The alignment on this print was spot on at 2/4 joints, a smidge off in one, and notably off on the fourth.


I think 5, not including ours. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately a Class 4 laser with a cover is still a class 4 laser. By definition, class cannot be changed by anything short of a factory rework.

However, as we write the manual for the Pro, we have a team of laser safety experts exploring ways to legally, safely operate a Class 4 laser in an open area. I’m cautiously hopeful we may have some good news on that front eventually.


Well this is very exciting, the air filter images being the most important part of this update. Great news, progress continues and the dates seem more realistic, certainly.

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There are portable laser curtain systems you could set up around the unit, just like would be used in a production/manufacturing environment. I don’t know if there are any made of clear material so show attendees can see through. Maybe acrylic panels in standing metal frames could do the trick?


Now here’s a thought for the filter unit offer a screw on add-on that if an individual wishes to also put a vent out the window they have the option say an adapter with pre threaded screw holes already in place to go from the square exhaust port to a round dryer vent hose type design. Just looking at options that may suit those who might want both capabilities.


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Sorry I read through the forums on my phone and it sometimes jumps around but hey kinda interesting to see another like minded individual.

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