Discussion of the April '17 update


By popular request, we have separated the discussion from the announcements. This post is for a discussion of the April '17 update.

April 2017 update
April 2017 update

Now I wonder how many people are refreshing as fast as they can looking for the April update. :slight_smile:


Hand up.


Ditto :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the photos, especially the two of the filter. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it! And the Pro, for that matter. :slight_smile:


Great update and lots of pictures. However missing is any talk of time table so would a correct assumption be to draw no change ie no slippage.

It’s smelling very close to pulling the trigger on low yield distribution’s?


I’m curious about the stitching pony or jig that the daughter was using to stitch up the wallet. It looked like another great use of the glowforge to create a jig/tool to assist in post-production of goods.

Cool beans.


I’m hoping that no news is good news.


Sorry, I must have skimmed the update. I didn’t see the other shoe drop. No bad news? I generally don’t deal well with change.


I agree. That tool was a smart use of the Glowforge. The wallet is very nice also.


Woohoo :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::partly_sunny::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

Thank you Glowforge God :pray:


Also: Passthrough.


Correct - no change.

I don’t follow the question?


Yes! It’s a design I made when we had 3 people in line for the stitching pony we’d purchased. It’s GF-made.


sorry it was a very long day at work

things smell good that we may see some low quantity distributions outside of pre release (I realize you can neither confirm or deny)


Pretty dang epic…all of it!


Ah, got it!

I hope so too. :slight_smile:


So Exciting! I guess I am in the minority who ordered the basic without an air filter…


Great update! Thanks for sharing some filter pics.
All the best and to shipping more precise release and then full production units!


Wooo! Awesome update! I don’t suppose we can get a picture of the filter attached to a Glowforge?