Discussion of the August 2017 update

As I see it, there’s two different types of people: Some people like to know details up front and manage their own optimism, feeling more in control if they came to their own conclusion. Some people like to read feel-good statements and have their optimism managed for them, feeling reassured by others.


Oh no, not again.


You are pretty funny.


I’ve been waiting for this update! This is my first post in the forum. No word of delays=happy me. I’ll keep checking my email like crazy!


No announcements - we’ll let you know if that changes.

It was based on our conversation and many others like it with other customers that we developed the Pro Shields to solve this problem.

Yes. We’re working to get 100% of Maltese shipments out by October. Also all the other countries. :wink:

Yes. That’s why I’m at the factory every week! (And late on posting updates :slight_smile: )

Shipping brutalizes packaging, but the vast majority of Glowforge units are working properly - those that don’t tend to get over-reported. :slight_smile: We’re still optimizing our packaging, but it’s not as bad as it might seem from the forum. Packaging is just one of the half dozen or so quality issues we’re running in parallel - for example, we just fixed a problem with reservoir tanks that split and leaked fluid in shipping. It looks like a shipping problem, but was actually a bad ultrasonic weld. They’re now going through 100% inspection while we work with the supplier to improve them.

All the information in the post applies equally to both international and domestic - I apologize for not making that clear.

We completely reworked the packaging based on feedback from the first shipments - all units from today onward should have the new packaging. I really like it - easier to open and protects the units much better.

@bailey has been working on putting something together with the Pro - I’m excited to share it!

We’ll let folks know when NRTL certification is complete. (If you’re chosen for shipping before it’s done, you can opt to wait until it is before receiving a unit).

We always notify with a 6 week window, but it’s often much less.

Acknowledged! I don’t think it’s a very well kept secret. :slight_smile:



you have to admit that the 25%+ discount is what holds people here. If I was ordering a Glowforge today…wait I wouldn’t order a full priced laser and not have it ship out within a day or two of my order. Glowforge is taking the money now and I would have to wait… No way I would do that no reason to, if they held the charge until shipping at this point I might think about it.
I like the promise of the software and the reports of the lucky few who have gotten their forge. The comments by those in possession keep the enthusiasm. While updates are nice I have to say this one was meh didn’t tell me much but it did meet the expectation I have come to expect. I also agree that optimism is projected until it isn’t then you get the oops message. Dan asks for comments, but i have seen plenty of request for more transparency on shipping which Dan is unwilling to give so yes I can see why people are frustrated, excited, happy, then sad.
Also, given the lack of emails about shipping I have my doubts. 10,000 units to ship roughly and 70 days effective (okay its a guess base on deadline and work hours and yield/up time essentially your guess is as good as mine) says that the build rate must be 150 units a day. I not positive but based on emails I am not so sure they are at that level, and lets face it CEOs may not get the bad news from the lowly factory guys until there is no choice but to tell him.
Not sure if I am optimistic or pessimistic at this point bottom line I wait like everyone else.


I was happy to see no delay announced, though as others have pointed out, it hasn’t been until the last minute that they have announced it in the past. BUT, since there are Pro units going out and they seem to be shipping Basics faster now, I will sit in the corner and hold my breath. I figure as late as I ordered, Oct 19th 2015, that I may be close to the end anyway. If there is a six week delivery time, then I won’t start getting worried until September 19th, basically six weeks until Oct 31st, if I don’t receive the “Do you want…” email by then, I will start to worry, until then, I will wait.

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It’s none of my business when or whether you start worrying, but while I think I’ve seen dan say he hopes to have all pre-order units ‘delivered’ by 31 Oct, the official schedule on the home page of the forum is still that they will be ‘shipped’ by 31 Oct. By all accounts, glowforge seems to have the unique definition of shipping as when they send you an email saying it will ship to you within 6 weeks. Or maybe this time things will go according to plan and they actually will ramp up quickly and we’ll all have our units earlier than the current deadline which I’m sure would please (almost) everyone - only time will tell.


This seems to always need to be pointed out on this forum but its entirely possible to be upset by the delays and lack of communication and yet still want to keep your order. I for one, am annoyed by the repeated delays and yet, to me, it doesn’t seem to make any sense after all this waiting to quit now.

This is entirely subjective. Others, like myself, dont see it as a pessimistic perspective. He takes the limited numbers and info available and tries to see if the production is somewhat on schedule. It doesn’t appear to be. If glowforge was upset by incorrect numbers being spread around they could certainly enlighten the forum with some accurate production and shipping numbers.

Not helpful to you doesn’t mean not helpful to anyone. If someone is on the fence about keeping their order and someone else points out that it doesn’t look like their numbers are being hit, that would be relevant and helpful information to consider.


I could definitely be wrong, but my interpretation is that the forum home page statement is a stronger commitment to ‘ship’ by 31 Oct than that they are ‘working on’ delivering them by 31 Oct, and I believe they have confirmed that they’re shipping definition is to send out the email asking for your shipping address. Surely they are working to deliver them as soon as possible, and to be fair it does seem like the average wait time between shipping email and package actually going out the door has been well less than 6 weeks.

edited to include reference:

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Me too. The previous announcement foreshadowing safe use of the Pro in the wild came a couple days after I accepted shipping on the basic… On the other hand, I’ve had a machine to use for several additional months.

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This was his answer to the question that I linked above

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Still hopeful enough to keep checking email. Would be amazing to get our pro in time for the holidays.


Not yet, though my order was about midway through the opening campaign period. So I’m not expecting an email until deep in September.

I agree with you that it has been pointed many times. It is one thing to express frustration about the shipping delays (and I have done that more that a couple times), but when innuendos of lying, nearly criminal deception and blatant fraud comes from someone over shipping delays and features still being implemented (versus not being ready at the shipping of the product), it is clear that trust in the company and the CEO of that company does not existing.

Here is why I ask the question of “why chose to keep your order” and since Glowforge has (without question) refunded people’s monies upon canceling (which deceptive company would not do), if someone has regularly question the honesty and integrity of a company/product

Rather than continuing to add acid to the wound/sore spots for others, find the product that meets the need/desire, buy it and promote it. If Glowforge IS that product, lament the fact the shipping delays have occurred and encourage others to hang in there (not continue to irritate those in the same boat who have been waiting 20 months since the first delay).

Glowforge has done a very poor job of meeting their ship dates and even created a pattern of “bad news” announcements. Making poor prognostications (from limited data that isn’t even from Glowforge) to bad mouth a company (for whatever satisfaction is brings someone) really isn’t helping anyone. Putting out numbers won’t change where things are at.Those numbers are for the investors (buying a unit or two - or more - is still only a customer designation) and the board of directors.

Finding a balance between useful information vs idle curiosity (for any company) is incredibly difficult. Even Apple and/or Microsoft doesn’t release numbers beyond what is required by the SEC. The numbers seen are just those compiled by 3rd parties and generally accepted as what is happening in the market.


Or… You’ll never know what was removed…

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My order (Basic) wasn’t until October 6, so my guess is that I will get one of the last ones, sometime in later October. The up-side is that we get more $$ to spend in the store because of the delays.

Well, the crowdfunding campaign ended October 26th, so you do have people behind you.