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Oh boy, here it comes!

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I can operate my pro in public with the sheilds! YAY! :grin:


And now it’s here. Not a huge amount to discuss this month, but the changes to the safety recommendations for the Pro are very welcome!


Some photos of the Pro would have been nice to get in this update, especially for people who don’t read the forum regularly and haven’t seen the pictures of ProForgeOne:


But no shipping change announced.


Yeah, either they’re really going to ramp up production to huge levels soon, or @dan really is made of pure, unadulterated 100% optimism.


I read it twice to find the shipping delay announcement. (apparently none)

And three times to try and figure out why that took a week to review.


I’d assume the delay was all so they could triple-check the changes to safety guidelines for using the Pro in public.


Yah. Lawyers, safety…


@dan, anything happening on the international shipping front?


I thought most interesting was the comment that he expected Pro production to exceed Basic soon. I, myself, am a Basic customer but this must be exciting for Pro types. This must also mean enough Basics have/will have been delivered to merit less focus/ramp up.


thanks, dan! exciting to see production ramping up; hopefully it really was “just” packaging or some other singular issue that’s kept you guys from ramping things up. really pleased to see no expected delays; good work all around (and thanks, v!).


Glad about the update, EXTREMELY sad (for me not the other owners) about the safety"ness" of the Pro in the wild. I downgraded around 8 months ago after final discussion/comment with @dan on the forums. I wanted to use the :glowforge: at makerfaires, future makers space, educational events, do work at fairs and exhibitions among other out and about things and because of the assumed safety issues I was pointed towards downgrading. It was a tough decision as my :glowforge: was funded by a couple of investors for use in my art and future makerspace in our small city. I ended up downgrading under the advice by dan and gave the refund back to one investor. I don’t have the bank to upgrade now…lol. sucky.


Does the end of October date include overseas orders?


Wow, I’m baffled as to how there’s no delay predicted. Although, the current shipment schedule shows that between the end of Oct and the end of Nov they intend to ship all remaining orders, including those placed today… That’s a MASSIVE ramp. They must be eyeing up an exponential increase is production now then. That’s really good news!

@dan I know i’d really like some reassurance on the shipping situation. We’ve seen some pretty badly singed up units arriving and as an international buying that really makes me nervous. Can you say anything to the issues you guys have addressed in this regard and speak to how you’re improving the success rate of units arriving undamaged please?

Otherwise… I’m hesitantly optimistic (probably by nature).


while that’s frustrating, i think that this was an obvious potential outcome once they announced the pro shields. with that said, lasers have complicated legislation in various states, and at least this way you don’t have to worry about something going awry with a class iv laser that risks negative exposure on your end.

do you have any specific projects in mind that you’re looking forward to doing? while the pro’s pass through is a nice feature, i think it can be worked around piecemeal most of the time.

he’s said in the past that it does but that such orders (compared to the rest of the pre-orders) run the highest risk of not meeting it.

i was thinking the same thing; hopefully whatever cause bottlenecked production has been solved (packaging? components?) and things are smoother from here on out.

i’m also interested in this but not really expecting to hear too much. on the plus side, they’ve promised that international orders will be replaced at no cost if the laser arrives damaged, which is a plus (if potentially costly for them).


Thank you for the update. I hope the shipping deadline works out!

Though, I do kinda wish we had some information on what appears to be very slow shipping in previous weeks.

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I think to meet the deadline they need to start shipping as many per day as they currently ship per week. Should be possible for a big company like Flex but so far we haven’t seen any significant ramp up.

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Frustrated is an understatement at this time…lol. While I wish there was a better understanding of their product at the time of the downgrade I do know why Dan suggested this. My plan with the passthrough and upgraded laser was to make flat pack furniture and large art pieces using leather and other materials. I wanted to have all features available to experiment and implement with. Maybe i’ll contract work with @mad_macs and his Pro if needed!