Discussion of the August 2017 update


as time and money permit, you might also look into saving up for shaper tools unit for large flat pack things.



Well no delay announced. So I’ll keep checking my mail.

Thanks @dan



I think lots of us folks not based in the US would like an update on shipping internationally. I know it has its own challenges but now that both basics and pros are shipping I think it is starting to worry some of us.



Great update overall. Good to see no new major issues. A bit more granularity on shipping would have been nice, but I guess it’s tight, so until a clear indication either way, no news on that front.
A bit of an update on shipment packaging improvements would be neat, maybe next time?

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@dan I would love to hear something about international shipments, too. Sadly I am living outside of the USA - and I am highly interested in getting my pro Unit as soon as possible :slight_smile:



There were a few hard facts in the Announcement, mostly about the Pro and that’s fine. But it’s interesting the way folks read these updates. As far as schedule goes I have no better or worse feeling about production than I did yesterday.

If Dan thought the schedule was tight but still a reasonable chance that it could be met, this is exactly the type of Announcement I would expect. If the sky was falling, this is exactly the type of Announcement I would expect until at least September. Of course that’s just how I read it.





Please show more videos/demos of the Pro!



Have you got your glowforge or your email? As a basic user I’m still awaiting my email.



“The Glowforge Pro, unlike the Basic, requires training before you can use it in a workplace in the United States.”

And, they BOTH require certification from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory before they can be used in a workplace in the United States. @dan, any updated information on that?



Just checked mine. Sigh…

Sad Panda.



Just put aside $5 a day, you have plenty of time before your e-mail arrives. :wink:



Good call…that thing looks promising for large scale CNC without having an entire building dedicated to it.



Good to hear no more delays at this point.

Good to see a smiling face from the Flex crew. I’m curious, are the Flex people allowed to wear that much loose jewelry and clothing articles? There is a Nissan plant near me and I know a few years ago, they had to ban all jewelry, because cars and parts were coming off of the line scratched.



Is it still 6 week after you get the email before you get the PRO?
No email yet, but I hope with some excitement that I get any kind of message soon.


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You’d have to think the problem is with rings, but in a car assembly plant I’d ban everything too. Not so much in a plastic box assembly plant. Nothing to do with jewelry, but for years car makers shied away from shipping by rail in the US because they kept showing up with bullet holes in them.

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I understand it might not be AS important in a plastic box assembly plant, but there are some precision parts here. And a loose necklace that could get caught or have a piece fall off and into the assembled laser would be a huge issue.

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I understand. Most of my experience this century has been in clean room manufacturing so not even a thought. I’ve also read that manufacturers are having problems recruiting and retaining assembly workers so there may be a balancing act in rules too. However, if Glowforge’s only assembly worries were a loose pendant in a unit there would be much rejoicing in Seattle.



Very true!
And I’m sure you’re right…if that were the only worries, they’d be happy. ha ha

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Im thinking he knew what he wanted to write, but had to meet with the folks at the factory, to confirm shipping (packaging qc) issues would be corrected so that the broken/missing issues would be addressed.

Just my thoughts. (i know i know … hopeless optimist)