Discussion of the May '17 Update


By popular request, we have separated the discussion from the announcements. This post is for a discussion of the May '17 update.


Thanks, Dan. Looking forward to getting it!


Can’t focus for the twitching in anticipation!




I can’t even tell you how much I want to get it to you. And to you, and to you, and you over there, and you down there in the back…


You can be like Oprah when the Glowforges start to ship!

You get one, you get one, you get one, everyone who ordered gets one! :squeeee:


Thanks Dan!

I’m about to leave on a three week trip out of the country and I was sure this months update was going to say shipping would be starting next week and I’d just have to wait until I got back. :slight_smile:


I don’t see the new section of the forum you mention, and when I follow the link, I get an error. Am I missing something?


Awesome and thanks for the thorough update! I can’t wait to reread it in detail!


Thanks for the update. To be honest I was hoping to hear a little more on pass through and twi-sided progress, but beggars can’t be choosers. Keep on pushing through.


Dude, I’m over at the left, middle close to the front but in the back on the right side. :slight_smile:

My next mission is to create its new home. close by a window.
Didn’t I read that it was a wireless connection? or is there a wired connection too?


Wireless only.


It was delay a day. Should be open tomorrow.


Good comforting update.
I see mention of a new category - Tips and tricks. I can’t seem to get into it, and the forum software gets really snippy with me when I try to open the topics that were referenced. Will this category be soon open to all?


Same thing happened for me. Access DENIED


So to paraphrase the May update: Schedule unchanged, still working on the generic “everything”, a tips and tutorial section is launching, and Pre-release units are posting cool things.


Thanks for the update and all of the work you and your staff are puttinig in!! Can’t wait!


@dan do you plan to or have you been shipping any more Pre-Release units? It seems like it has been a while since the last one was delivered.

It’s great to hear that your focus has moved more toward the factory and finalizing everything but how far off are you from the December goals list where you said,[quote=“dan, post:1, topic:3657”]
We will be manufacturing hundreds of units per month through February and scale up to thousands starting in April. Most customers will get their deliveries in May through August.

Because there are only 504 Hours left in May(not counting today).

Finally I believe you have mentioned in the past that software won’t delay the shipping. Still the case?


Why did the text engrave get done after the cut? Seems like you should be doing all engraving before potentially shifting the material with a cut.


Oops, thanks! Should be fixed now.


Ohhhhh, sneak peak of the catalog in the video!