Discussion of the September 2017 update (OLD)


This thread is for discussion of the September 2017 update.


Thanks for the update!

Knowing where we are in the shipping schedule can help me and wife predict when to tell people we might have the forge. We are getting a lot of inquires in the side business that it will help with.


I am i missing something i cant seem to see a September update?

probably looking in the wrong places.


The link in @dan’s post at the top should take you to it.

Thanks for the update @dan! Love the details, and maybe even more the optimism, and by that I mean it’s great to hear that everything is moving more or less as planned for the moment! Love the grant program, as well as the alternate referral program. Can’t wait to get a gander into the online design store myself!


Awesome developments!
I am having so much fun seeing this project unfold! What I feel has to pale in comparison to Dan’s feelings after enduring all of the frustration, making hard choices and having tomatoes thrown at him for all this time.
Congratulations Team Glowforge, and thank you all for all of your hard work! :sunglasses:




Well, that’s interesting information. The shipping status is an excellent shift in transparency, although it’s a little disheartening to learn that the company is still so early in the list.

Still, it’s forward progress.


Awesome news!
And double ditto what @PrintToLaser said…Congratulations Team Glowforge! :grinning::tada::balloon::confetti_ball::sparkles::dizzy:


I love the free designs, and I REALLY love the design catalog.


Yes a big step forward. Shame it is GF’s unique definition of shipping. I.e. sending an email, not dispatching. But is is very useful to know if you should have had the email.


This is amazingly wonderful news for all those still waiting. There has been so much discussion about the shipment schedule. Thank you for everything, to all of you at Glowforge. And thank you too, for the free designs and for the grand opening of the catalog. Good news all around!


It’s September in August - that’s even better than Christmas in July!!

I love seeing the sneak peek into the catalog & how that whole process will work with the instructions. Good stuff!


I’m really happy to see the new format for shipping status, and see the change in response to the criticism around when updates come out. It feels reassuring to see you all adapt!

I’m now, again looking forward to getting my Pro, whereas for the previous couple months I had been looking forward to finding a reason to cancel. These little changes inspire the bit of hope that I need as a customer to keep waiting.


Great to see the update status and shipping progress. Looking forward to seeing the first international GF in the wild.

@dan Any update on the process for international tube replacement?


No - we are fully focused on shipping units right now; nearly everyone in the company is involved in the push to ramp up production and eliminate errors that could cause a problem with your machine.


Any chance PRUs can get access to the catalog? I’ve got a MakerFaire coming up that I could use some more cool things that are GF specific to show. :wink:


I am very excited about all of the Sept announcements…congrats to the Glowforge team. It feels like things have turned a corner.

Where would I see the Founder’s free designs in the catalog? The update says in our dashboard, but I don’t see them, so…Which designs are they?


Glad to see the progress. Thanks Team Glowforge!


It can take up to 24 hours, plus a browser refresh, from when we announce a feature for it to show up.


Gotcha, @dan. The browser refresh I knew (oh, how I long for native app responsiveness…ah well) but wasn’t sure about the rollout speed. I’ll check it in a day or two. :slight_smile: