Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - Fisics Funnies

First you need to know I’m something of a geek. The pencil-neck nerdy kind. Well maybe not pencil-neck but I do appreciate geek humor.

Whilst retrieving my daughter from the giant cash sucking machine called University last month I saw the Hugs Bison cartoon on the Physics Department’s lobby welcoming screen. First time I’ve seen it (although @takitus pointed out that it’s been wandering the Internet for awhile) - I’m not normally surrounded by folks where Higs, Bison or Bosons ever come up in conversation.

So I had to make it into a coaster. And if I’m going to do that, then a series of Physics themed coasters seemed to be in order.

Tossing a few memes into Inkscape and a sheet of black acrylic in the Glowforge and we’re on our way. From previous experience I knew I’d want to paint the engrave to make the designs really stand out. Here’s the series after engraving and sprayed with a couple of coats of gloss white enamel rattle can paint.

The Hugs Bison was required of course. It started the whole thing after all.

Of course that meant The Big Bang Theory Schrodinger t-shirt needed to be one of them. Funny & creepy. Can’t beat that combo.

Then a little more obscure Physics. Maybe not really obscure but most people’s eyes glaze over when first encountering complex equations. You know, the kind without numbers.

Then a nod to chemistry and popular ignorance. The average American doesn’t know chemistry but is perfectly ready to jump to conclusions based on media hysteria. Guess what most people think this one is about?

Which takes us to the last one - a riff on a couple of significant principles in physics.

All together now.

My wife really doesn’t appreciate these so my deflated self-esteem could use some validation here. Sincerity is not required as I can’t see you from here. :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously though, I honestly wonder how we’ve stayed married for so long - what must go through her mind when she sees these things? She channels no inner geek. I expect it’s similar to cats & owners and their respective points of view upon the presentation of a dead mouse on the doorstep :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: Thanks to @paulw who provided inspiration for the last coaster in the series:


I like em. FYI: for those looking for affirmation… Monday morning will get 3 times the number of likes as any Friday night.

(It’s not like they have anything else to do at work.)


What about:

Johnny was a scientist
But Johnny is no more,
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.



Yeah but next Monday is going to be crazy here :slightly_smiling_face:

quote=“wesleyjames, post:3, topic:8214”]
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.

I like it! I need a 6th one anyway. I’ll have to come up with something creative for its design.


These are great.

Love the Schrodinger’s Cat, especially. Goes well with my 2 beasties.


Love them all! But one note: The country that grows a lot of coffee beans (among other things…) is Colombia, not Columbia. (It’s also missing the methyl groups, but who’s counting? :slight_smile: )


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


OMG. Can you tell I’m an imbiber of none of Colombia’s famous exports? Gonna need to fix that one.

Thought about the rest of the chemistry but I figure this is the version most people have seen on pop-culture coffee mugs and t-shirts.

But, Columbia, gotta fix that. (Although I could pretend it’s an odd homage to the space program. I still remember that day vividly :slightly_frowning_face:)


LOL. When I first read it, this is what I thought of:


One of my favorite professors used to have the bumper sticker on his door:

My Limits:
-273.16 C
3x 10^8 m/sec


Oooo…that just gave me another idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, 25 years for me, and she has never learned to fully appreciate my fine arts of sarcasm, pun, and geek.

Let me assure you one geek to another, these are awesome!


I totally understand. My wife doesn’t like Monty Python or Benny Hill as well as nerd humor. Exactly…who doesn’t like Benny Hill?!?


I like 'em. (The ones I understood.) :wink:


My wife rolls her eyes when Pythoned. I grew up on the Flying Circus and then all the movies. My kids did too. They could quote the entirety of Grail in character appropriate voices before they went to kindergarten. (I’m still assuming I did no long term psychic damage and they did not entirely understand “spank me” :grinning:)

Whenever we would go on a road trip something would trigger some scene or line in the movie and they’d start. Of course it wouldn’t be in order - we’d all skip around the movie quoting our favorite parts. More than once :slightly_smiling_face: She called it “being Pythoned” .

Ahhh…Funny Walks…Dead Parrot…Lumberjack…sheesh! Brings tears to my eyes.


For their semester play the 12-year-old’s middle school class did a stage version of the holy grail. It was . . . interesting.


You know you are among friends when you say “I’d like to have an argument”, and the response is appropriate.


I have a great wife :smile: not bragging, just saying :smile:


How fun!! They’re great!!

I helped make 135 of those :slight_smile:

And @jamesdhatch should go with the Shuttle homage. Seriously, almost nobody will know the difference.