Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - rabbit hole edition

Don’t think so. Some of the tests I didn’t detail were attempts at different focus settings - defocused above the material, at the surface, in the middle of the surface and on the bottom. Because of the variables that can be set you have to run a ton of tests to get them all adjusted by keeping all but one the same and varying just one. The number of combinations gets to be huge. Which is part of why I didn’t pay much attention to speed & power because I was at the outer limits for both already. I did a bunch of LPI vs focus height attempts with nothing definitive coming of it.

That’s actually a bit of a downside to the GF - a lot of things you could change - speed from 1-335, power from 1-100%, 8 (I think, I’m not at the machine right now) different LPI settings and 0-.46" for focus distance. You really can’t test all combinations so you need to bracket your settings.

Similar issues with Trotecs where you have the standard settings and PPI and Frequency as well. It can get overwhelming which is one reason Proofgrade is a good thing for the GF target market.