Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) Tea-party time

Here’s a quick one off I made for my wife to declutter the kitchen counter a bit.

She and my daughter drink coffee and tea. I drink Diet Coke. For some reason I don’t understand, they have boxes and boxes of tea and coffee. Apparently one flavor isn’t enough. So boxes of the stuff are everywhere. They’re spilling out of the cabinets and stacking up on the counter. Some order is in order

Enter the teabag house. Snap together and drop a box in and a little order ensues. They want a teabag they can pull it out of the bottom until it’s empty and then replace the box.

Start with this:

All cuts except for the seeds (is that what the little bits on a strawberry are?) on the strawberries are engraved. Only 6 minutes to cut it out of plywood.

Another 10 minutes to glue it together (including cure time) and it’s ready for a test run.

Now time to tighten up the design file to better account for the kerf and the real thickness of my material (going to use Proofgrade this time). Note to self, remember to mic the material - all 1/8" isn’t :slightly_smiling_face: Also I think I’ll drop in a couple of alternate designs with flowers or birds (both of which the ladies I serve are fans of) so it’s not just 3 of the same on the counter. I like what @Jules did with her battery buildings and think a little variety in the fronts and materials will provide a similar townhouse row look. It will certainly give the other couple of boxes someplace to live other than scattered on the counter. A little order is on its way.

No idea what to do about the ones that fall on my head when I open the cabinet. For now I just don’t go in that one. I think they may be hiding good snacks in there though.


Oh, how cute! I like the row of tea houses idea, like @Jules’ battery boxes. And this dispenser kinda reminds me of @marmak3261’s matches dispenser.

But one of the things I like the most is the obvious delight you are finding in working with this machine, considering your considerable experience with lasers in general. Cool!


Those are really nice!
Maybe you should make a box for all the misc ones to go in and they can use that one when they want tea but don’t know what kind.


I do think you need multiple houses because you dont want to mix the flavors, that could make it tough getting the exact flavor they’re in the mood for… unless one house had multiple chambers then each face could hold a flavor. :slight_smile:


Like this one should hold berry flavored tea, and you’d make another variant with mint leaves for that moroccan mint one, a bergamot for earl gray, the chinese symbol for tea for Oolong, etc… That would be so awesome (and you could totally sell those as people would love personalized team dispensers!)


I think there are a couple of reasons for that. I just like cool new tech toys, especially when they’re well executed. The GF is really well done.

And I’m spending more time just experimenting. With the others I either spent a bunch of time figuring how to make it do what I want (the K40) or projects someone else needed me to work on (the Redsail). I’m having fun doing things I wouldn’t otherwise have spent time on because I figure it’s a good way to exercise the GF and maybe help them get things tweaked up better.

Now if I could only figure out how to make a depth map I’d be a happy man :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea. I wasn’t sure there’s really anything Moroccan about Moroccan mint - I’m willing to believe they all come out of Jersey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What’s a bergamot? I’ve only seen it used in soap.

It’s a perennial North American herb that is very striking. It comes in several shades of red, pink & purple, and the bees & hummingbirds LOVE it. Wonderful smell, too :slight_smile:

AKA “bee balm” or “monarda”. Bergamot fruit is an entirely different thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s the herb that’s used in Earl Gray (smells like it, anyway).


Cool. Wonder why we don’t have it growing here - my wife loves hummingbirds.

The lavender we grow is great for bees but I don’t know that I’ve seen an uptick in hummingbirds. Might be a mother’s day present idea :slightly_smiling_face: Add some bergamot out back so we’re surrounded by good smells (& bees & birds :grinning:).


Do it! Be forewarned though - it’s a member of the mint family, so it can take over quickly. If you have the space, it’s kind of nice to let it go wild; otherwise, you can plant it in the ground in a large plastic pot to contain it a bit.

It’s one of my favorite herbs, and ironically - one of the few that I don’t have growing in this garden. I need to fix that this year.

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That is cool. If I liked tea I would definitely make one :smiley:

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Oh yes, a tea house would be very welcome. Tea boxes are the absolute worst boxes when it comes to falling apart and spilling tea everywhere. And then you have the situation where there are six boxes, each with only one tea bag left in it. This is good.


Traditionally, Earl Grey tea is a black China tea flavored with oil extracted from the rind of a Bergamot orange. They are grown in Italy, France and Southeast Asia.

Like Captain Picard, I prefer mine hot, as it doesn’t taste very good when iced.


That’s just great! Lovely and useful! Who could ask for more?!

Looks Tea-riffic !! Nice job on this project! :grinning:

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Glad my household isn’t the only one. We’re bound to end up with a county worth of these houses based on the amount of tea around here. We’ve started buying more loose leaf, so I may end up with silos instead of houses.


Finally have an idea for using the acrylic hinges that @cynd11 gave me. Black tea always loose. I can make a cool engraved acrylic box.


That’s what we have in the kitchen :slightly_smiling_face: It’s like when the kids would put the juice back in the fridge with just a dribble left - I mean you couldn’t just finish it off (or in the case if the tea pick one of the flavors that’s only got 1 bag left? I swear the one-year will sit for weeks while new one-sided are created.).


Sounds like a dangerous mission, but one worthy of exploring, with sweet rewards!


Teabag roulette. Nice.