Ditch FedEx, please

Has anyone else found that FedEx ground shipping is just unreliable. Delivery was scheduled twice with text alerts telling me to be home for a signature. I took off of work (twice) because GF is important to me. Both days I was left without anything to show. I have called FedEx. My glowforge pro has been stuck in the same location for over 4 days and has they have told me that they can not give any estimates for when it might arrive. I was told probably not before Christmas.

I plan on buying PG materials regularly but I’m scared that I won’t be able to plan ahead far enough to get projects done.

Glowforge please re consider your shipping contracts.



There have been major weather events that can affect services from all shippers. Not saying that’s the issue, but there’s no difference in “reliability” between shippers on a national scale. Your local distribution center might have staff problems. My USPS service is abysmal. I work with their service quality team and it’s almost laughable how many issues I see.

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I wish it was the local guys, it hasn’t even got to my area yet. 600 miles to go.

Oh, well that’s just the next state up from WA, so it should be there in record time.

Yeah I had issues with FedEx this week but not with a GF order. Package was supposed to be delivered last Sunday (According to them) but sat in CO from Saturday until Thursday where it finally moved and was delivered that same day. Each day the tracking would just update to be delivered the next day… No one could provide any info on if the package was lost, damaged or why it was delayed as weather was not an issue.

Ditto. Was on the truck for delivery before 9pm Monday until it wasn’t and it would be Tuesday before 8pm.

It’s a combination of volume, seasonal help and weather. It’s like playing roulette - spin the wheel and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes not.


Yeah I had that a few times, they just run out of time in the day, I’ve had UPS show up at 10:30PM before too, Guess I would prefer the next day delivery at that point! This was just sitting at a center for 5 days without movement and the only update was the tracking number just incrementing to the next day for delivery each day.

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Mine came UPS a year or so ago. The supply box arrived, but they lost my GF for a weekend. It got left on a truck somewhere. Stuff happens.

I hope your GF arrives faster than they are estimating, though. Waiting is not at all easy.

i had the same issue with UPS delivering mine 2 years ago. they had no idea where it was. it was supposed to be on a truck that left one station and dropped it at the final station, but it wasn’t on that truck. a really large box to lose. was even in process of discussing a replacement with GF when it finally arrived at the local station (i had it held instead of having a driver deliver it and picked it up myself).

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I did the same. I figured it was one less chance for someone to mess with it.

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Small town problems, I found out from the driver why my area is so delayed. FedEx Ground only has three planes that fly to Juneau. Two of which have been down for the last three months. The third one broke down two weeks ago. The only way FedEx is getting into town is extra space in passenger planes. And the glowforge is large, FedEx fail.

Thank you for your feedback. I am so sorry that this has happened to you, this is not the experience we want for our customers. I have reached out to the team to investigate how this has happened. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.