Dividers for inkpad storage box

I recently had some interest in the inkpad storage box I posted a couple years ago here. I decided to post the files here if you want to make your own. This requires a very specific sized box that (at the time at least) was available from Michaels, dimensions 15.5" x 10.25" x 4". With these dividers, the box will hold 60 Tim Holtz Distresss Ink (or Distress Oxide) pads, plus the foam blender pads.

Here’s what the finished project looks like:

Here’s the design (right click, save as):

You need to cut four of the upper shorter piece, and eleven of the longer bottom piece. They are all cut out of 0.05" material (if you use something thicker the slots won’t fit). You can get either chipboard or mat board in that thickness; I used standard mat board from the hobby store.

If you want to add the foam storage, cut a large sheet (below) of the same material, and score the circles for the foam pads. I put a Velcro dot in the center of each circle to hold the pads, after stamping in each color with a circular stamp (to help keep them organized).



That is super nice! I have an inkpad storage wall unit, but it’s full, with some other pads waiting for a home…I may have to make one or two of these, for my distress inks. I have the older, rectangular foam pads, but could modify your design for them…thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing.


Looks great! There’s nothing quite like having your ink pads organized.


Thanks for the share! I have a gazillion of these inkpads!