DIY Holographic Jewelry = Laser engraver + old CD + scrap wood



I thought this was a pretty cool and original idea that i’ve never seen before. :slight_smile:

Found the video on this page from a Facebook ad. Lol

Cutting CDs and vinyl records

This would beso much easier with the GF


Ya gf much easier

Easter both the cd for the look, the backer for a press fit or even just a down set so you know perfect center placement and then cut of both objects and both materials at the same time


Is a cd laser-safe? And not too reflective?
I would not have thought to cut it for the mirror like finish- plus not knowing what they are made of


They are made out of polycarbonite…they dont laser cut well …melty edges…
Looks like he only etched it…not cut on the laser


Yeah, exactly. The video doesn’t actually show him cutting it. Probably cnc then? Or dremel? I dunno

That $80 laser cutter probably isn’t very strong. 1000mW


I wonder if glowforge ( or regular laser cutters) can make the image on lightscribe CD/DVDs. I still have quite a few of those. Remember - if you had a lightscribe drive in your PC you flip the CD upside down and the cd laser would engrave any image or wording on the backside of the CD. It even did photos!! Not sure of the power of a CD drive’s laser, but seems you could dial-down the power of the laser cutter and 'scribe the back of one of those with an image or text, etc.


A lot might depend on which side was up and how the heat got transmitted. Yet another thing to try…


Well the back of the CD was laserable - I assume some sort of “cermark - like” material.


I LOVED using Lightscribe and was really bummed when I found out the burners were no longer being made. I have a few CDs left, too.


I’m pretty sure I have a CD Burner with LightScribe somewhere… I never saw the use for them LOL I always did labels


had multiple LightScribe burners never once used the feature


I still have a few CDs left as well as an external lightscibe dvd player, so I can use it with current laptops etc ( assuming I still can find drivers/sotware)


After my Lightscribe burner went belly up, I tried to find another one…to no avail. Then, I bought a new iMac and the software for using Lightscribe would no longer function, anyway. After a small period of mourning, I have moved on. :unamused:


After my first experience with a label coming off a CDR while spinning in a slot-drive, I moved to sharpies.
These days I like the Sakura Permapaque for shiny surface marking.