DIY Indoor Filter

Has anyone successfuly built a filter they’re happy with? Ideally one with parts cut on the GF?

Searching didn’t come up with much, which is a real surprise. The other DIY filter thread seems to have gone completely off topic.


A few folks have built them. I believe @Clone has one that was built to also reduce noise, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Search in beyond the manual. Should find info there. Incidentally that where this discussion belongs also. I’ll move it for you.

Thanks for the move, and the search attempt.
Looking for posts of indoor success!

Not finding any. Hoping to use this without needing outdoor venting.

As you said I’ve seen many thread but can’t remember any actual resolutions of the issue. I know there are non-GF people that have done it but not certain about their efficacy. My friend that works for Universal Lasers mentioned a method he’s used for a temporary filter involving cardboard boxes and many pounds of activated charcoal but that’s way off the manual :grinning:

Does anyone think this $500 laser air filter for the Emblaser 2 would work for the Glowforge? It looks like it has a similar sized air hose intake.

I ended up with the filter discussed here
There are a few issues (like connecting a 4" exhaust to a 10" intake) but it will pull up to 2 1\2 times as much air as needed.