DIY sticky mat for paper, fabric, and leather(?)


Based on advice from @jules and others, I finally got around to making a sticky mat for cutting fabric and paper. This is just a 12x12 inch piece of very flat 3/8" ply onto which I sprayed two coats of 505 adhesive

Believe it or not, this piece was cut from a scrap of “grunge” cotton fabric. Weeding took far longer than the actual cut, and is one case where gorilla tape is contraindicated. :wink:

Guess I don’t need to ask santa for that Seklema mat after all…

Maybe I missed something about camera and cut bed veiw
Inconsistent cutting and strange burn pattern

Awesome! (You can refresh the adhesive when it starts to go too…we did it with the digital cutter mats.) :grinning:


Great idea. I recently got a can of the Krylon 7020 repositionable tack spray. I wonder if that will work as well.


It’d be shocked if it didn’t.


Wishing I had seen this possibility before I bought the pricey Seklema mat. Glad it worked out for you!