Do anybody know how to do guns

Anybody know good setting for guns I am going to engrave mys soon. Any had experience with the pass thru door to for the pro.

I have no experience with guns. There are some tutorials for the pass through slot in #glowforge-tips-and-tricks.

Reading the two questions together, I get the impression you want to engrave a gun longer than the bed? That’s not what the pass though is capable of. It is for materials 1/4” or thinner.

No experience with guns; I’d just say: take the ammo out first. :grin:


I should have word that better lol it’s two question I have not seen that much talk about guns or the pass thru.

The pass through slot is only going to work for rubber band guns. If you mean firearms, there have been some experiments with engraving magazines and a pistol grip or two. The problem with an unknown plastic is you never know what’s going to happen: could be hazardous, could just melt or it could engrave nicely. Or are you looking to do checkering on a wooden long gun stock? Then you should search for 3D engraves - basically it is about dialing in the settings and using color gradients.

So two things here: we need more specific information and you are going to want to have plenty of experimental material to get the settings right.


At some point I qouls to figure out how to etch onto parts like handgun slides and rifle receivers, which will easily fit inside the machine. If there’s any interest, I’d offer it as a service to the guys at my club…

There are active threads on etching stainless using wet paper towel or mustard - my 1911 is stainless, everything else is black, which made me look - “GLOCK applies advanced surface treatments on major metal components, resulting in slightly less than diamond hardness.” - that could make it more difficult.


So you have tried doing handgun slides and AR parts? I’m really curious! And even the grips on the plastic parts of non wooden guns and such, just like the Glock.

I wood also like to do designs on wooden stocks and such.

I’ve done an AR poverty pony lower and some Magpul mags.

Pretty easy and will mark bare metal when I tested it (many other threads on this).

Haven’t tried any other types of guns, so no idea on a handgun slide, or with bluing, vs coated/Cerakote etc…


Are there any special parameters or settings needed in order to engrave that AR lower? Is that AR lower a polymer lower or some other type of plastic? Or is it aluminum?

See here for the details:


question i’m wanting to engrave on a magpul magazine but it’s a hard plastic have you engraved on one of those before

Welcome, Do you know what plastic its made of? Some are not recommended for laser engraving.

I did this on a PMAG


Do you remember what settings you used?