Do AutoCAD work with GF



Hi friends
I work very often in an AutoCAD.
Maybe I missed something, but I wanted to ask in which format to save files for synchronization with GF.
It’s very convenient to work in AutoCAD. And especially when you work with the sizes


At this time you need to save as SVG. I believe they are working on DXF for the future (or at least, it’s “in the hopper”), but it is not available at this time.


you can save as dxf and import into adobe illustrator. There might be an SVG exporter out there for acad


i reed about some problems with sizes (they are wrong after import)

Do some one make this operation in live?


you meen SVG is olready work with GF? or i have to prepare it in Illustrator?


Yes, SVG files work already.


Just be aware that you may need to tweak the export to SVG settings a little, depending on your software. Most likely someone else is using the same software as you and can help with that when the time comes.


Most vector editing software can read dxf and write svg. I know Inkscape and illustrator and corel can all do this. There are also a number of free online conversion utilities that can help.


Except my old version (CS5) of Illustrator can’t import DXFs. Have you figured out a way to do it?


I think I am using cs5.1? As I remember it was one of the standard formats that it just opens. I can check when I get home from work tonight


I guess that little .1 makes all the difference. I never upgraded to 5.1.


I’m still using Illustrator CS3 (“if it ain’t broke, don’t upgrade it” is my motto), and I import DXFs all the time, either through the “Open” dialog or just dragging and dropping. Maybe you’re missing a plugin or something?


I don’t know what auto cad will export but the gfui reads PDF as well

I’m doing this more and more coming out of F360.


PDF’s from ACAD are tricky. I can imagine a ton of artifacts making their way through


In Auto-CAD you can print to PDF using “DWG to PDF” and it remains a vector, which would be good for cutting and scoring.
The PDFs that it makes probably won’t work great with non-vector fonts, or for engraving raster images.
It will keep as text or raster image rather than converting them to vectors.
There are some tools like “PDFtrace” or exploding the text to make these into vectors but that might not be the best way.
People have been using Inkscape, which is a free program that is similar to Illustrator.
It seems to be working good for others combining vector (cuts) and raster (engrave) designs.
I am curious about F360. Can it do the gray-scale engraving? Can it handle rasters?
I am comfortable with ACAD, but I probably need to brush up on Inkscpae and F360 in order to get the best workflow figured out.


I won’t say “can’t” on anything F360 because there are a lot of places I just lack knowledge but I normally just get cut and score lines from it and add raster information in Inkscape.


Yeah, Same way with F360. I run the PDF’s through Inkscape to stitch everything up properly.


My experience between ACAD (my design tool of choice) and Inkscape is that when Inkscape imports the dxf file that ACAD generates, it assumes that it was done in mm. As such you can either a) scale the drawing if it was actually done in inches or b) design in mm. I took to option b, designing in mm. Other than that there are no issues using Inkscape (or Illustrator I assume) to convert .dxf files to .svg files.


very much my experience as well. i’ve also had some significant font/type issues at times when opening PDFs made out of Revit in Illustrator.


Don’t get me started on revit…