Do not put your trust in a cape and a hood


Some of you might have seen the Seussical wall hanging that I made for my daughter in honor of playing Jojo…welp, she was in yet another production, and I decided to stick with the same basic design. But with different materials, since, well, it was Into the Woods.

This is proof grade cherry plywood, with a non-PG basswood back layer. I cobbled the design together, and think it came out pretty well. It’ll go up on her wall today. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Which character did she play? :grinning:


Lovely and completely lost :sunglasses:


She was Florinda, one of the wicked step-sisters. :slight_smile:


That’s really beautiful!
I remember when my older daughter did Into The Woods.


Very nice!


How wonderful!


Gosh, you did a wonderful job on it! I’m really liking the contrast of the two woods.


Yes … The contrast makes this absolutely stunning!