Playing with acrylic

My daughter was recently Jojo in a production of Seussical the Musical…I’ve gotten in the habit of always making her a closing gift of some sort, usually something that the cast can sign for her. So here’s what I did for Seussical. :slight_smile: She had the cast sign the outside white section and hung it in her bedroom.

Materials: 3 different acrylics (white, black, red) all from Inventables. Acrylic glue to hold it all in place.

Process: there’s a total of 4 layers of 1/8 inch acrylic. The words and hat were all cut, and the underlying base was very very lightly etched to give me something to “set” the pieces into. Acrylic solvent and a syringe applicator, some patience, and I’m happy with it.


I think the Dr. himself would love it


Agreed!! Great work and conception.


Neat! (I’m a fan of the Seuss.) :smile:



Excellent work!

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Love all things Seuss! Beautiful job!

This is simply wonderful! What a cool memento of the play.

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very nice!

very cool!

Anything’s possible!
It said in red and white
And with a seussical musical
I guess that they were right!

The gift turned out fantastic
And this perhaps sounds sappy
But whom ever shall receive it
Is sure to be really happy!



Wow! Looks great. Could you share your supply sources for the color acrylic?

Brilliant keepsake. Congrats to your daughter for her performance!