Do you have an update on the Glowforge Pro

We have started seeing updates on the Glowforge Basic, but it has been very quiet surrounding the Glowforge Pro. The pictures I can find depicting it seems very old, most as far back as 2015.

Have the Glowforge Pro moved beyond a proof of concept / CAD drawings, and does it exist today as a Beta or Pre-production unit? Even though I know that the pass-through feature isn’t ready in software, I find it strange that we haven’t seen more pictures of the pro features in some form.


Please someone ask about the Pro units in the Q&A. I am on a road trip weekend without access at that time. Many thanks.


I’ll add the question to the Q&A list. :slight_smile:


I think we covered this, but in case I’m misremembering - all the long lead time parts are ordered; we expect full production at the same time as the Basic.