Do you have to takeout the glowforge pro inserts everytime or can you leave inwhen not using?

Newbie here, I read the instructions said to remove the pass threw slat both sides i did that but can you put in the slat when you have a small piece to work on? I think it would eliminate some smell can anyone advise

I leave mine in all the time unless I’m using the pass through. I find the metal cover over the slot easier to clean than the seal below.


Took mine out when I first used it, and haven’t put them back in since. My machine is under negative pressure, no odor has ever come from it when printing (well, except when I forget to turn on the fan!)

Not sure where they are, actually…


Thank you

Hi @mushland2020, the LSO training we provide recommends safety precautions to create “Class 1 conditions”. These safety precautions include using Proofgrade materials or Pro Shields. When Class 1 conditions exist, the Glowforge Pro does not create any additional laser safety hazards.