Dobot M1: Pro Robotic Arm

I just saw this on Kickstarter and thought it would be of interest to the community!

I don’t think that I would have a personal need for one, but some might. Interchangeable heads sounds familiar :wink: The laser looks like one of the 500 or 1000mw engrave only lasers.

And a relevant quote from the Kickstarter page:

[quote]Can we deliver?

We’re still on the way of improving every feature and finalizing the product, but we’re confident to ship it to your hands by April/May 2017. Our first product, Dobot 1.0 has been upgrated to Dobot Magician, and it’s already finalized and being sold on a regular basis. Our engineering resource is adequate to devote into developing Dobot M1 and meanwhile providing technical support.[/quote]


Oh, I like that! Possible ideas for how it could help my business are flying through my head right now. Not sure any of them will be practical thanks for the heads up.


Chuckle! Just a bit too late to be of interest here…(5 digital cutter/pen plotters, 2 dual nozzle 3D printers, one robot egg thing, and a Glowforge on the way…:grin:)

(sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas)


Wow!!! Awesome-sauce!

Really pretty impressive, and looks cool – a little concerned about safety features. When the laser is in use – venting away so you aren’t breathing it, and then there would be a concern about the laser not being enclosed… Since I already have two 3D printers and a GF on order, I’m not really interested, but the revolution in maker tools is pretty exciting.


Ooooo, you’ve got the Eggbot? Been looking at that. I decorate eggs sometimes.


Yep! Bought it as a kit build (very easy assembly) decorated a couple of eggs and blew out about 40 more for prep…and then got involved with 3D printing and the poor little thing has been sitting there waiting for designs ever since.

(I’ve still got the empty egg shells too.) Chuckle!

I used to do pysanka using the hand tjanting tools - the EggBot kind of grew out of that.

(just an example…mine were not that good)

I think i prefer the look of the hand created ones though, so maybe one day I’ll do some more - they take a lot of time.


omg…Eggbot?? How am I just hearing about this! That looks like SO much fun! Already plotting how to save up for a kit haha.


They’re neat, but doing designs for it require a bit of re-wiring in your brain, because of the uneven curvature…which is why mine are still pending…chuckle!


Same here! Here’s one of mine:

Would have been easier with the Eggbot.


Ooooh, interesting!! How does the machine know where the surface of the egg is?

@cynd11 oh my gosh, that is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Aaaaaaand, once again I have hijacked–sorry (it’s just so tempting!)

Regarding the Dobot: very interesting! It seems to do just about everything. We used robotics in my job way back when but that was before the days of smartphones and apps, etc. It seems like it might be especially useful for those with accessibility issues (besides the industrial uses).


Beautiful! (And now you will never see one of mine! ROFL!) :wink:
(already full-up humiliation quota for the week)


Eggbots are delightful. Mine lives at the local library when I’m not in need of it – among the really cool things is that there’s an inkscape driver, so kids can play easily. (It also does plastic eggs and ping pong balls)

I keep wishing I had something for the Dobot to do.


I was intending do some drawing on light bulbs as well with the EB - you can empty those out too…

(Just too many cool projects. That one got side-lined for a while.)

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You didn’t see the many failures! Or the bad side of this one. How cool it is to “meet” other folks with the same interests. I didn’t think there was another person on the planet that liked egg decorating, lasers, and papercrafting! :smile::smile::smile:


Chuckle! Probably a lot more than you’d think, but the price to get in on the laser gig keeps a bunch out.

Too bad too, cause crafting and making is so immensely satisfying. :relaxed:


I’m going to start a widget factory!


I like how the little doo-hickey on the left seems to have eyes that peek out after each one is done.


I have learned how to do eggs, and I have the tools and pattern books. The only egg that hasn’t broken is Spider-Man. :slight_smile: in storage or I would share despite humiliation. I’m not good; but I sure like them.