Does anyone have a vector file for the glass panels on top of the Glowforge?

I wanted to make some tool trays and stuff to put on the sides of my machine. Can anyone share a file with the shapes indicated? That will save me some time. Thanks in advance!


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If you decide to do that make sure you do not accidentally drop a tool on the glass - it will shatter - its not hard to break it

Yep, my plan is to cover the glass to help prevent that problem.

I read somewhere that we are not supposed to put things on top of the GF. (Can’t remember, maybe the manual?)


I simply would NOT do that.

I never did it, it I was thinking it would be pretty easy to put caddies to the sides and the legs would just go beneath the Glowforge to keep it in place.

If the glass is fragile… why… not … cover it? I am so confused.

Well, I already do, so I am making the best of it.

Of all the things I have ever posted on the Internet I would not have guessed this would be so controversial.


Ha. My GF’s sides are always covered with stuff. I’ve got little boxes of honeycomb pins and X-risers and PG label cutouts, and magnets, and a box of lens cleaner wipes, and a roll of painters tape, and a box cutter blade, and a plastic razor blade…plus it’s always getting piled up with various scraps and pieces as I work on different things. It doesn’t seem to mind. :wink:

EDIT: Also there are a ton of fancy escutcheons out there. Those are on top of the GF too!


Be careful with the magnets…

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I’m exactly the same way. I also have shelves over the machine and always worry about dropping something on it. So, I think I am going to cut some BB with EVA foam on both sides and set that on those impossible-to-resist surfaces.

I’m also thinking about adding thin clear acrylic or PETG to the lid as additional insurance. It should only be a few ounces of extra weight and would protect against something like a dropped magnet.


Yep. If I’m messing with magnets, the lid is generally open, since they get used on the inside. They also have handles on them cut out of draftboard that pretty much keep them from coming into direct contact with anything if they do get dropped. :slight_smile:

In addition to the caution you quoted, I’ll point out that the lens also shatters if dropped on the floor, so it’s a good idea to always hold it over the bed of the GF while cleaning it. (Guess how I know?) :wink:


i don’t have shelving above the GF, i might actually worry about that. but like @geek2nurse, i set stuff on the sides all the time. magnets, honeycomb pins, other little pieces of material… resting on the glass shouldn’t be a problem. dropping might be, but that’s a different beast.


I have a foam core board resting on the lid most of the time. It’s added protection and serves as a sunlight blocker when needed as my GF sits beneath a window.

Actually, I think the acrylic idea is great!

I do use a Hobby Holster on mine. It sticks like glue. (Still have stuff all over the sides too)

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