Does anyone have or know of a phone number to contact Glowforge instead of emailing?

I’ve been emailing back and forth since 5/1 and I am still having the same issue with my engraving shifting. I need to speak to someone live instead of the emailing.

In the US

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Pacific

For Technical Support, questions, or to provide feedback, contact us here

For Sales, email

Phone: Call (855) 338-2122 and leave us a message.


They do not offer phone support, although there is a number confusingly listed on the Contact page from the main site. People have reported not having much success with it.


There is a chat feature also on the support page, but I think it’s much like the phone support few and far between.


I have emailed with Oscar, Patrick, Mercedes, and Cheryl and have not been able to come up with a solution to my issue. I am on my fourth replacement and my original purchase was less than a year ago.

Chat is no longer offered. It was not available after they started using email (and that not-very-successful phone support).


Ah! I just saw the chat icon show up in the lower right of the support page asking me to chat with them. I didn’t click it or interact with it.

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I’ve left voicemails and no one has gotten back, I tried the chat and it’s not working. It’s just crazy that after spending as much as we have on these machines, that there isn’t an easier way to have some kind of person you can speak to. Via email they keep transferring me to other people but nothing has been done. The nightmares I’ve read on BBB are the exact things I am experiencing right now.

Chat was removed quite some time ago, at the same time they removed the support email address.

If the icon is showing, it’s likely an error, just like listing the phone number from the main page but not on the support page.


Yep, @Xabbess mentioned that. I was only going by the chat icon showed up when I was on the support page grabbing the info asking me to chat. I didn’t click it to find out it was just a dead end.


Just wanted to try it just in case. I went on the computer to try it and it just keeps going back to the beginning of the chat

I have already started to look for a replacement. It hasn’t even been a year since I purchased my original machine from them and I am already on my fourth replacement. Right now I am having an issue where my engraving is shifting over mid print and I work mainly with leather so the details are amazing. But since they are so amazing, you notice the shift even more. I have been emailing with them for over a month now and all they want to do is troubleshoot. The issues I’ve had before were nothing even close to what’s happening now and the first thing they would tell me is that they were sending out a replacement. Now when I really do need a replacement they haven’t even brought it up.

I’ve been looking at this one. Still researching the company and this machine, but it looks promising. When mine breaks, I may not even bother to try to get GF to repair or replace it, since their quality control and their lack of customer service has gone to crap lately.

Makeblock xTool Smart Desktop Laser & Engraver: Laserbox Rotary for Cylindrical Rotating Engraving

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Wow this even looks like the GF but with the addition of a rotary!

Glowforge is every new competitor’s bottom line that they will try to be better than. Some do better than others. I would need to have this and someplace to use it to be actually satisfied, but $32k as a start is a bit much at this time.


Except you can buy and replace the laser tube yourself :slight_smile:

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In looking around, it is pretty good but I don’t see what the filter that comes with would do and how much to replace that, which would be a lot more often than the tube. Also, I have seen a complaint that it needs the extra push of the outside compressor.

If I was starting out I might go there or one of the class that Glowforge was the only one when I got mine. The need to have super-tinker skills to start it up, much less keep it operating in everything else was why I went with the Glowforge. Now there are a couple that approach that level, but …

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Looking at even more ytubes there was the line “the Gf pro not only has a passthrough on the front, but unlike some has the passthrough go through the back too!”

Has this always been the problem? Usually when the design shifts it is the belt or an obstruction that throws it off. This is not a problem that needs a replacement as you can check the paths and tighten the belt yourself.

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