Does anyone have pictures of the GF final air filter

try as I may I got the notification of my filter is ready, but I cant find a single picture of the official one I can only find the compact filter from last year

any one have final pics ?

The final filter looks nearly identical to the Compact Filter. Check out this thread for an unboxing video


In addition to the video link above, I’ll post pics when mine comes in. It’s shipped so I should see it in the next week. The only changes vs the interim compact filter is the fan speed knob setup I think. I don’t know if it’s an extra inch or two taller or if the filter cartridge is an inch or two smaller, but there is some extra space for a pre-filter to sit in the unit that was not in there for the compact filter.

I’ll post a dimensional callout as well so we can get comparable info from the current CF filter owners and see specifically how the two match up. My engineering hat says that they took the CF filter and relabeled it as the GF filter while making mods to the filter cartridge to perhaps use a better quality carbon media (it’s supposed to have 25% more filtration capacity than the CF filter) or HEPA filter supplier packed into the cartridge so they get some more space for the pre-filter. The fact that they don’t offer a pre-filter indicates that this is not a GF ground-up design but they’re relying on the aftermarket for filter media and customers to find one that will fit in the box on top of the filter cartridge.

In football this is the Hail Mary pass :smiley:


It would be nice to have an official statement from @dan or someone at Glowforge about that. It was announced as supporting a pre-filter. It doesn’t come with one in the box, and there’s no pre-filter to buy. Is there one coming to the Glowforge Store soon, or are we supposed to go out and source our own? Are there specs?


I passed a FedEx truck on my way to the airport this morning (I was still in my neighborhood). I was wondering if it was my filter as I just got an alert that they woul be delivering a PKG from GF.

I got the FedEx alert they had dropped it off about 15 minutes after I left the house.

My wife confirmed its receipt tonight and she dragged it into the house - she asked first because she said it was marked fragile and didn’t want to risk breaking something bumping and dragging it (she’s too small to lift & carry it).

So pics & specs this weekend.

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I noticed that too. I think they just slap that sticker on every box that leaves the factory. I’m not suggesting it should be dropped from a great height, but it’s not exactly cut crystal.

The filter has casters so it rolls around very nicely.


Yeah - I got a chuckle out of it myself. I told her she could heave it around because that’s likely the nicest treatment it got since leaving the factory.

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