Does the Glowforge cut material?

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I was wondering how you go about changing the CO2 cartridge in the Glowforge. Does anyone know?

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Which CO2 cartridge are you referring to? Mine does not have such a thing. The laser tube itself is a double-layer glass assembly with an integral liquid cooling sleeve. It is one-piece and can not be serviced.


They used to promise a tube replacement, but these days it sounds like they only offer whole machine replacement. Unfortunately, the tube isn’t something you can replace yourself.


I assume you are referring to the tube. Did glowforge tell you that you need to get a tube replacement? If they did, they should have mentioned the process and price. It is $500 for a refurbished replacement if glowforge determined the tube was an issue.


Didn’t they kill that and it’s only refurbs now for roughly 1100$ now?


I think that’s correct. I was thinking the same thing when I saw her post.

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In my opinion you are right that they are not doing the $500 replacement. However, their social media team still is saying they do the $500 replacement and so I just am saying what glowforge is advertising.


That would be very nice if I could get mine replaced for just $500, although I don’t know how I would move it to box up and ship. Perhaps when my daughter returns from HI in May, but then she’ll be off to Africa/Morocco…

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