Does the Glowforge pro need to be oiled in some places?

the arm that goes across the GF made a screeching noise while moving up and down. very hard to manually move up and down.


gantry should not be easy to move when powered. It should be easy to move when power is off. If it is not. look for damaged belt or something trapped in the moving parts.


There is no need to oil anything on the Glowforge. Simply follow the maintenance instructions on the support page.

Never move the carriage arm or printhead while the machine is powered on. With the machine off, there should not be resistance to moving either the printhead or the carriage arm. Is this behavior new? Did it follow some action - like cleaning, or replacing the carriage plate?


I took out the comb tray to engrave but it didn’t work out. so I put the comb tray back and it moved very fast to the front making that noise and the gantry stopped but it was slanted. it wasn’t straight across.


Ah. It hit something, or a belt had issues.

Go to
and reset it. If it does it again, then try to figure out what it’s hitting!


Have a look at this:


Mine did this when a belt was loose. Once I tightened it everything worked fine.

Ok. Thank you

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