Dolls need furniture too!

So, when you have another half who collects Barbies, having a Glowforge leads to the obvious question: “Why don’t you make some furniture for my dolls?”…

So I’m posting a few of my creations:

All designed using Fusion 360 - then put flat using Nester and created the cut files with the Colorific post processor… Learned a lot doing all of this :slight_smile: And, none of this uses glue - all sticks together with tabs and slots so it’s been quite the adventure to nail down my approach.

Hope you like it!


Especially love the acrylic pieces - you did a great job on the drawers. Just love the jacket stand you made as well. She must be very happy!


That’s all very posh – nice work!

A vast improvement over the toy chest all of mine and their accoutrements got shoved into when I was a kid. :wink:


Beautiful pieces! I’d have been thrilled to have those when I was a child. (So much nicer than commercial offerings.) :grinning:


Wow … Great work! Love the wardrobes!


I think you may start a new industry! Well done!


I would think there is a market for exactly this.
Great work…


Pretty innovative pieces there. Awesome.

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So cool! My favorites are those acrylic pieces…especially the wardrobes with the drawers. Nice work!


Wow, really great work. That first one is just amazing!


These are some pretty lucky dolls!

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They look very delicate - how thick is the material?

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My inner child is covetous.

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That’s some great design work! And your photo setups are great! Clearly you have an eye!


@Bernie These are fantastic! I have yet to experiment with acrylic tabs that friction fit, but am getting better with my solvent cement application skills :slight_smile: I was curious as to how you you are getting the door hinges to work? Are they simply tabs going into a round hole at the top and bottom?

Hi @sqw - I used quarter inch acrylic - but they are very stable, I was surprised as well after the first trial build… with the tabs & slots being quite tight it holds everything together neatly…

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Hi @pho - the doors indeed have small tabs (same as the thickness of the material) and then fit neatly in a little round hole at the top and the bottom… And then I also had to create a small cutout on the sides of the shelves where the door bumped into them otherwise the doors were scratching the shelves :slight_smile: But with Fusion360 that’s all quite the breeze (once one learns that tool of course!)

My 2 biggest struggles were the following:

  • the variations in thickness between different acrylic sheets and even within 1 and the same sheet -> so I take a lot of measurements (8 per sheet, 3 at top & bottom each, 2 on the sides) and then average them out. As the closet, for example, requires 4 sheets, I then select sheets with closely matching average thickness.
  • getting the kerf right -> getting tighly fitting tabs requires the kerf to be measured very closely -> I used the template @BobV HOWTO: Kerf Measurement and Jig (Thank you BobV for that!!!) - and then take 3 measurements for “A” (top, bottom and middle) and average those out - then the B measurement gets deducated and divided by 10 -> this gave me a perfect fit!!

@brokendrum - you are right - we have indeed sold a few of them on eBay - there are indeed some collectors out there who like them :slight_smile:

@Tom_A - the setup and pics are not my work - we did get a little photo booth to make the pictures - makes the lighting very good for this kind of detail…

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@Bernie The variations in thickness is really annoying, but I’m learning thats the nature of the beast with all materials. I like your methods for averaging them out, I’m going to have to give that a try. I’m also going to try out the jig as well (thanks @BobV). Thanks again for sharing!

Barbie style Ikea flatpack. I dig it.