Don’t Leave Your Bike on your Roof When Entering Garage


Cars have roofs. Garages are for motorcycles (I currently have 6 in my garage…)


Sadly, I don’t have a driveway and my HOA believes that garages are for cars. I get a ticket (warning) if my car is parked outside my garage for anything beside “loading and unloading”. Ridiculous!
BUT, then again I haven’t had to mow my lawn, shovel snow, clean gutters, repair my skylight or paint the exterior of my home in years. Trade-offs…


That’s brilliant. My husband and I did that a long time ago when we finished a ride and decided to stop at Fry’s on our way home for something. Some of their parking is under the building. It was a bad ending to an otherwise good ride.



Thank you for that rabbit hole.
We entertained the pre-driver with extensive examples of what not to do.


I’ve parked my cargo trailer in a corner of my driveway temporarily, and although I’ve got plenty of room to back out, a rear camera, parking/reverse radar, AND it’s right there in front of me when I get in the car, I almost managed to hit it this morning.


1/16" chipboard
engrave: 1000/80/dots/170lpi/0.125"
cut: 200/100/0.1"


Ha! We’re going to have hangers for everything!


it’s not too far till we have a hanger to remind us to hang the hanger in the hangar about the hangers


I lost the trailer hanger… in the car… since yesterday… can’t find it… Then almost hit the trailer again backing out this evening.

I’m just shaking my head thinking what the hell…

… and, no, I’ve never left a kid in the car!


That you remember, at least. :joy:


Just saw this: :rofl:

total overkill, the hanger is better. :sunglasses:


Oh, good, when I first saw the picture, before reading you description, I was just thinking, wow, who has a tow vehicle that works so well they would not notice the trailer was attached. :thinking:

For sure that’s the tow vehicle I want.


I actually have driven one like that… F250 duelly that pulled a slightly larger trailer like it wasn’t even there… from Atlanta to Dallas… and back…

HOWEVER - exciting news!!! I found the hanger - under some mail I brought in, must have been on the seat when I dropped the mail down, and I missed it when I carried everything in…

Aren’t you proud of me?


Towed my camper down to see the eclipse last year. About every 15 miles I would glance in the rear view mirror and for a millisecond freak out about the semi-truck hanging 2 ft off my bumper. Then I remembered the camper.


Yes we are :hugs:

Can you find the roll of adhesive felt I got from Amazon? I know I brought it in with the mail. It’s a 20ft long 12in wide roll of felt. It’s no longer anywhere I can find it. I could use a finder for me :yum:


We are really good at that sort of thing around here. My husband holds the record, though. He once misplaced his car keys inside a sealed Tupperware of Jell-O in the refrigerator.


Mine is finding my hairbrush in the freezer.


I am planning to add some accent lighting to my living room and kitchen, by mounting a second strip of crown molding a few inches below the existing, like this:

So I bought a piece to play with - it’s foam, lightweight and easy to mount (construction adhesive) but also allows light thru, I want it to only go up. So I’m playing around with different coatings and LED mounting to see what will work best. Keep in mind, these are sold in 8’ lengths.

I lost it. For a year, could not find it. I looked several times. My place is a bit of a mess, but, come on, it’s EIGHT FREAKING FEET long.

I did find it - after I bought another one, and wondered where I could keep it out of the way without getting damaged. Aha! Right where I put the first one - along the top of a section of cabinets in the kitchen, out of sight!!!


You have NO idea how many times I’ve done something like this…:rofl:

I love the lighting idea. Of course you have to use Hue LED strips, or something similar!


right there with you. but who doesn’t need 4 copies of various gizmos and tools. A few more tape measures and I’ll have one for every room. Can already throw a hammer and hit a hammer usually :slight_smile: