Door / Lid Bulges (New Unit)

I’ve just noticed that on my Glowforge unit that I just received the lid / door bulges a little and is not completely flat and flush with the sides of the unit.

Is this normal?

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Yes, it can be. (Sides are actually set a bit lower than the top in some cases.) Doesn’t affect the seal or the performance of the unit.)


Yeah my unit has that as well. Doesnt seem to affect anything.

Do make sure your surface that the GF sits on is DEAD LEVEL. This actually can shift the fit of the lid slightly and make a huge difference… at least it did for me and some others…:wink:

even though my table was pretty damn close to perfect level, i used a very small shim under the front left corner of my GF and suddenly my lid closed flush instead of being slightly offset when closed.


Even more importantly: very flat

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I think even when the unit is resting dead flat, the sides sag a little where the lid stays flat so it sits proud of the sides in the middle.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. The bowed lid you’ve described is a variation that we’ve been seeing on these first machines - it shouldn’t affect operation. You can apply strong pressure to both of the front corners of the lid and see if that closes it.

Either way, you can turn your machine on. If your unit is not fully closed, it won’t work.