Double image marking

Hello - I am having an issue with images double marking (I have recalibrated, redrawn images, checked to make sure that single pass is selected) - I sent my file to a friend and they had no issues when engraving. Any help would be appreciated

If you post the art here someone can probably help.

I couldn’t find where to attached an image file. lol

When you are in the edit screen there is a little button that looks like this: image
Click that to add an image.

I posted above - thank you.

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thank you Diedre - I posted the pics in the forum.


You will have to post the actual art so someone can figure out where the problem lies.

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Check your belts and wheels.

I’ll echo this one - if it were just engraving twice, but everything was right on top of each other that would likely be an art thing, but that it’s not aligning sounds like a belt issue. There are instructions at on how to tighten them.

I’d still suggest adding your actual art file, and a photo of your entire GFUI - from the commands on the left all the way to the name of your machine on the right.

It’s worth checking that your mirror under the lid is installed correctly.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.