Double line when cutting

My glowforge keeps scoring this second line while cutting ANY design.
It also seems to only be doing it in one area of the cutting area.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong for the life of me. I’ve tried cleaning
Any ideas what may be happening?

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The interface does what it is told to do. Your file probably has two lines and it doesn’t matter how clean your machine is. Care to share the file or have you looked at the file in outline mode? Can you share a screenshot of the left side of the interface?


I believe there may be ether reminants from lines moved or possibly floating vector points, I can take a look if you share it

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Did you create your artwork in Illustrator?
If so - check that the offending line isn’t set to outside or inside. That would cause GF to interpret it as a double cut.

Otherwise, you have two copies of the line stacked on top of each other.


It’s rare (in a Glowforge), but possible, for the optics to cause this kind of double line ghosting effect. If you only see it in this design, it’s probably the design. If you see it in multiple designs, take a close look at the windows, lens and mirrors for any dirt or damage. For example, an internal fracture in the lens can cause this, as can a mirror being improperly seated so part of the laser beam is hitting something in the print head on the way to the material.


I’m pretty sure if that were the case the extra line would be everywhere.

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