Double sided adhesive

Has anyone found a double sided adhesive tape that is CO2 laser approved ?

I want to be able to stick adhesive on the back of wood or acrylic, die cut some shapes out and then peel and stick to a surface so that I don’t have to glue. Any ideas?

3M VHB tape works BUT it is outrageously priced. I was looking for a cheaper option


There has been lots of discussion regarding 3M tape, especially the type used on Proofgrade veneer. It works great, but is definitely pricey. Search results for 'double sided tape' - Glowforge Owners Forum


If you dig into that search from @dklgood, there’s a discussion in particular on that list that you might like:

That site has all manner of tapes, maybe some leads.


the 3M tape is what’s used on most adhesive backed veneers. there are some other options out three.

when you buy 2 color acrylic sheets from BF Plastics, you have an option to have them put double sided adhesives on the back for you and these are the options of which adhesives (all of which are laser safe). it’s actually significantly cheaper for me to order it with the adhesive here than to buy the sheets and apply myself. for a 12x24 sheet, it’s $3-4 for the non-foam adhesives.



Especially considering labor and potential mistakes… sometimes it’s way cheaper to buy it already done. +1 for @shop


unfortunately not all vendors will do this. common veneer is usually available with no backing, paper backing, and adhesive backing. less common veneers (like unusually dyed or some special burls) don’t commonly come that way. some of the signage acrylic may (which is why the thin 2c acrylics i was buying from BF Plastics did).

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