Double Vision!

Check your belts for proper tension. Maybe reading through this link will offer some insight: Numerous Issues (Wavy Lines, Incomplete Cuts, Repeatability, etc)


That 2nd pic definitely looks like a belt has skipped teeth, three times across that print it seems .

Ok so I am working on fixing my belts but never done this before. Gotta say I’m a bit nervous :grimacing::grimacing:


Just the one on the gantry. There are instructions in the support section (under removing the carriage) but also several posts in this forum where support has given details on how to check then adjust if needed.

Not doing well. But I believe I just got lucky with the before test because my 2nd attempt to adjust is closer to what I have been getting all day. I’m still hoping it is the belts and I just dont have it right yet. Anybody else have to try multiple times or should I move on to thinking it is something other than the belts. I have checked the lenses so many times, I know they might be the issue but they do not look any different then before i had problems.

That said the 2nd attempts are my biggest problem as I need to engrave words and I cant have them looking like that, yet that’s how they have been coming out all day

It’s not the optics. It’s either the gantry belt, or the motor itself, and I don’t think I’ve heard of one of those failing.

The mechanics of the machine is capable of positioning the beam to within 1/1000th", only a skip in a belt tooth can cause that much offset.

Then the adjustments continue.

I do have to add that it glides much smoother with adjusting so far, so I feel good there.

Can you use your phone to shoot a short video of that while it is printing the Gift of Good Measure? If you load it on Youtube, it’s going to make it a lot easier to diagnose, and you can link to the video here.

Try to capture the movement of the laser arm, not so much the laser hitting the board. We can see the results, we need to see the movement of the machine.

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Ignore that my cover is streaked. I have just been doing quick wipe downs to the cover with my Zeiss pads and so…
This one I recorded is the absolute worst print yet. It’s all over the place.

And yes my scrap wood use here is terrible… don’t judge right now I am just trying to fix it.

Something is slipping, you can hear it. If not the belt, then the drive gear on the shaft - but I doubt that, it should be keyed.

I hope I hear from support soon. I will be working on it again about 2pm. Hopefully I just have to play with that belt one more time and I will be good. One of the links posted above states in it to “tune” the belt. Listening to it by plucking it to see if it is the same tension on both sides… but the support instructions say do not touch the belt. They do mean only while adjusting right? I mean we have to touch it while cleaning it… so I can “tune” them to check? Or honestly any tip to properly adjust it would be so appreciated. I am at this point pretty positive it is that belt, I just can’t seem to get it right yet.

Okay, thanks for providing the videos.

I’m hoping that you were printing two copies of the GOGM at the same time, and that wasn’t one copy with the spread that bad. And rotated 90°. :smile:

Support’s going to need to weigh in on it.

If you can take photos of each of your optical components and post them here, support might need to take a look at them as well…there might be a crack or smear on the optics that isn’t immediately obvious.

Here’s what to take pictures of to show to support:

Yes that was 2 at once and I had to flip it. So no it is not printing that bad. My optics look good. All but one, I will take pictures when I get home. One has a smudge stuck under it but I can’t get to it to clean it. It has been that way for months though and has not caused problems thus far. It is the one to the left of the laser lens on the print head that has a smudge under it but as far as I know I can’t take those off to clean it and like I said it’s been there since October.

If it’s one of the yellow windows, it should just unscrew. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems clear to me. I will send the picture when I get out of work. It is the one on the printer head next to the yellow one.

Yeah, those don’t come out. Maybe just some photos.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.