Draftboard and acrylic not cutting through

per the email i received I cleaned, checked the tray and it still wont cut. I thought I would post here to get a quicker response.
Cut time 4:33pm central 7/13/2018

Not cutting all the way through? Only a little depth? Does some of the line go through?

If lenses and windows are clean and material is dead flat, then I can’t think of what else to try since it won’t do acrylic or draftboard.

When you cleaned the lens inside the printhead, did you make sure to put the lens back in the correct orientation? (The cup shaped part points up when it goes up into the head from the bottom. Flat side of the lens points down at the tray.)

It’s easy to put it in wrong and that will keep it from focusing correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes. My husband even double checked.

In the pictures I uploaded one side is the back. Only a few little dots showing.

Ok. I see now that it is a separate picture. Something is wrong for sure with that little cut through.

Did you remember to clean the window under the left rail? I neglected this and as soon as I cleaned it Proofgrade cutting was spot on.

I see you emailed us with the results of the tests as well, and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.