Dragonfly Wing Proof of Concept

I’ve been working on this design for some time while waiting for my Glowforge to arrive. It is one of three wings in a dragonfly design.

It was clear from the first few seconds that my first try was a charred mess, so I aborted and tweaked the design to better account for the kerf, but I think I overcompensated. I’m also not sure about this paper. It is a scrap of thick photopaper from the large format printer at work, and it appears to have a shiny lamination on one side that might not be the best laser fodder. Will try again this weekend.


Almost there!

Just right.

A part of me likes the “almost there” version better.


Is it not supposed to look like that? (Looks stunning.) :smile:


Have you seen the engrave trick? It might fix your char issues.

It looks great as is though, very cool.

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I’ve been drawing dragonfly wings too!

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very stunning pattern. cant wait to see the whole thing!

I really like this! I could see them being cut from different colored picture frame mat and hung on the wall, all in a vertical row. Cool!

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I kind of like the part decayed look too :slight_smile:

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I love it. Here’s the one I am working on

Uploadin20180812_212032_Film1 g…


That’s going to look so cool. Please post a picture when you finish it. :grin: