Dreaded Head Not Found Error Msg

Help! I did a deep clean of my Plus (removed printer head, air assist fan assembly, wiped down/vacuumed/fully cleaned everything else per GF recommendations). Put it bk together & receiving the Head Not Found msg. So far, I have tried all of these things several times & in different combinations (dozens of times, if not +100x by now!)

  1. disconnecting & reconnecting printer head again & recleaning lenses. Connections all look normal & nothing broken
  2. resetting router, computer, GF (router is less than 5ft away, no obstructions btwn GF & router)
  3. starting printer head directly under camera lens, ensuring light from nearby window isn’t interfering
  4. visual check for all top lid connections - I did not open them, but nothing looks out of place or like it’s been dislodged. I was very careful when wiping down the lid to not overextend it or damage the connections & never open my lid to stress that one connection in the back bottom panel of the the GF

This is the cycle & it hasn’t changed: power up my machine with the printer head in back left start position. The printer head clicks & moves forward halfway toward the front of the bed, like it should. I think it sounds odd at this point (like it’s grinding?) but honestly can’t remember how it used to sound bc I’ve done this so many times now. I’ve checked for debris & there’s nothing. Then it tries repeatedly to move the printer head horizontally & simply can’t & gives up. “Centering” is the first feedback, followed by error msg “Head Not Found”

I’m at a loss & haven’t heard back from support since last wk, so I thought I’d come here & see if there’s any other recommendations that I’ve missed. My thinking is maybe a lid cable, but of course haven’t heard what the logs are indicating. Thx!

There are countless reports of issues that start with “I did a deep clean”… Something has either become dislodged, or moisture got in and has shorted and/or damaged electronics.

If you’ve checked all the connections and reseated the head and the white ribbon cable, then your only choice is to wait and see what support comes back with - their logs might indicate where the problem lies.

There is no such thing as a “deep clean” recommended by Glowforge. Keep the optics clean and wipe down the rails. That’s all.


Your tension is probably not correct on the carriage plate belt. The belt pulleys have feedback. If they try and move but there is no tension from the pulleys, then you get a lot of jumping with the laser arm (its not good for it but interesting to see). If your belt is on the edge of correct then it might just make a bit of noise.

You said its your first time cleaning it but your account says you have had your machine for well over a year. I am guessing you only run the machine 4-5 hours a month then? It is just a hobby machine and not for a business? If you don’t use it often then it might be needing just time to get back in rhythm.

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I didn’t use my machine as much as I would have liked in the first year. But I’ve now got my studio almost fully set up & am ready to continue creating!

I have checked the belt tension (thk u, btw!) & it seems fine, no slack.

I did get back a reply from support & it was a “we haven’t heard from you so we’re checking up” email, so I’m following up again with them. I thought my first support request WAS in the queue, but I guess not. So, almost 2wks down & still waiting for help. I hope I’m on the right track now to get some input & hear back soon about what the logs say.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Are the lenses for the camera in the lid clean?

Yup. I recleaned it a few times going thru all the troubleshooting steps I could find.

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