Drink stir stick

Glowforge has a drink stir stick that says cheers on it. I would like to remove cheers and add a Pearson instead. but I can’t get it to work.


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I’m not sure you can remove a word that has been attached to the actual cut out like that. If it were engraved, that would be easy. This design would be incredibly easy to make yourself…or even in a slightly different way.


Can you help me because what i have tried is not working?

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Do you use a separate design app like Inkscape, Illustrator, or Affinity Designer? A cut-out look such as this one in the catalog cannot be made using the tools in the GFUI. Please give me a bit more information and I’ll see if I can help you.


Click on the stir stick, then right click with your mouse and see if you can find “ungroup.”

Click ungroup, and it should separate components of the design.

If it does, then you can just highlight and click on cheers and hit delete and add your own word.

If it doesn’t, then the best option would be to choose “ignore” for the word on the side menu, and just add your own word directly on top of it.

If its a Glowforge design, you won’t be able to download it to make changes. You can make changes directly in the interface or add designs elements you created into the interface.

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I have only been using the glow forge software. I have tried to take the cheers print and ignore that cut and insert the word Pearson. But I am doing something wrong because it cuts the word out instead of attaching to the circle

Thanks I will give that a try. I know doing the ignore is not working for me


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