Drip pan?

Will the glowforge have a removable/replaceable metal bottom or drip pan for materials that might drip when cut?

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Yup - there’s a removable honeycomb-style grate over a “crumb tray”, as Dan calls it.


Yeah those are fairly common in laser cutters, but under that is what im asking about. Plenty of materials can drip down through the honeycomb onto whatever is below. I would prefer whatever is at the bottom to be heat resistant, and removable so its easily cleaned.

Im just curious. Do certain materials drip when cut with a laser? I’ve used them a lot but it was always in a situation that someone else was running the machine. I was under the impression that the laser vaporizes the material.

I gathered that it was two pieces - the honeycomb and the removable tray under it.

They have spoken about using defocusing for certain purposes, and putting food in the laser cutter. Steak will probably drip juices after being heated


Haha I still think its somewhat ridiculous to cook steak with a laser but I guess that is a situation where you would definitely want a cleanable drip pan

Ah my ADD is kicking in lol. Thats good to hear. Hopefully it will be metal ;P.

You had me at steak juice.


You can see the honeycomb/drip pan in action 30seconds into the main glowforge video. It’s obviously more than just a honeycomb but you can’t really tell too much. Here’s more:


its a great shot of the honeycomb, but it doesnt show whats under it. dan said its tough as nails so im just going to assume that its metal. I dont think they would be lax enough to let the drip pan be plastic, but I wanted to ask to make sure since it hasnt been mentioned yet.

I feel that no matter what it is made from a sheet of aluminum foil under the honeycomb would solve any problems you might have and make cleanup easier possibly.

a hot ember even on aluminum foil can melt plastic underneath it causing it to warp

Then maybe 2 layers. Hehe jking that is a good point.

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Drip pan: my brother and I have been lamenting about the fact that Sams Clubs do rotisserie chicken. He was talking to the guy who preps them at the local store. “What do you do with all that glorious chicken fat and drippings?” Have to throw it away. Can you imagine all the schmaltz that goes to waste? O man, roasted potatoes on the bottom would taste so good.

And this why I’m pissed that we can only fit 1.5inch things inside and 1/4 inch pass through . I want a rotary attachment so I could do rotisserie chicken. Now I’ll have to settle for rotisserie quail…

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cornish game hens

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Spatchcock those birds and press them overnight in the fridge. They would fit then.

The crumb tray has a sheet beneath it to keep parts contained. You pull it out, invert it, and shake to empty.

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I was actually thinking of getting some sort of un-coated ceramic tray. It might be easier to pull out and clean than the honeycomb if you are expecting to work on messy stuff.