Dry erase game board

Well, I never cease to amuse myself. I guess that keeps others from having to laugh at me. :wink: :smile: I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with some cool design that I could use Proofgrade to make some kind of thing that would allow me to submit these game boards to the catalog. I do think they’d be popular and I did come up with an idea but now I realize that the idea added no practical value to the white boards whatsoever. It would work, but it’s totally unnecessary to the function of the boards.

So, I give. It did give me a chance to think and do some designing, which to me is the best part of it all. I expect some other or others of you may come up with a better idea than I had. Alas…


I submitted a dot game to the catalog.

I’ve been working on finding some others… I am working on a Yahtzee score sheet that I’ll share in the free design section.