Dual GF Setup

I finally got around to installing an external fan to both of my GFs and making a semi-permanent venting system. We have casement windows (the type that hinge outward, when you crank the little crank thing), so I replaced the screen with a piece of 1/4 inch plexiglass and cut a 4 inch hole for the hose to vent through (using the passthrough slot for the first time). Now, all we have to do is open the window and it’s ready to go (no more awkwardly throwing the hose out the window).


A Glowforge bunk bed! Awesome! Nice job on the window vent, it really looks professional.


You might want to add a bit of acrylic to the back of the window or be prepared for it to resemble the inside of the exhaust fan after a while not as bad but with such a cute couple doubling the volume might become a thing.

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Ohhhh, that looks so nice!! Great set up.

Very nice! It looks like a nice, clean solution.

When I have really intricate cuts my machine can kick like a mule, so I have it on a really stable table that isn’t effected by the sway. Do you have any issues with your double-decker moving too much during a print?

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Nice setup! It looks very clean. That style of shelf is usually very rigid, but I suppose you could cross-brace it with steel wire or cables if you had too much wobble.

I have been reorganizing my workshop to better accommodate my lasers, and finally went out today to get a Kobalt 45-in W x 36-in H 2-Drawer Mdf Work Bench .

The bottom shelf is a bit flimsy/flexible, but I plan to put the K40 down below since it doesn’t flex as much as the Gf, which will get the top shelf. The drawers will hold tools and maybe some smaller stock.

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