Two Glowforge Set Up - Exhaust Fans

Hi all-

I currently have a Glowforge Pro and love it of course. :slight_smile: I am moving soon and am looking to add another Glowforge to the collection with a two unit set up in my home office.

As of right now, I vent out the window, but in my new place that won’t be an option, so I am curious on what’s the best way to go with a two GlowForge Pro’s set up with a filter. I ideally don’t want to have to buy two Glowforge fans to have one for each.

Are there any solutions others have done you could recommend?

Thanks in advance (and please direct me to another forum if this has been asked already).

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Hmm this was discussed before, let’s see…

This isn’t quite right… But may be interesting.

Here’s one:

And this doesn’t have much:

Some venting theory:

I feel like there were a few more discussions on this but can’t find them. Maybe someone else will come along with the goods.

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If you only run one GF at a time you there are lots of various solutions for switching between the two as @evansd2 has searched out for you. (I like the Rockler quick connect system myself)

However, if you want to run both at the SAME time you’ll need a separate GF filter for each as a single filter doesn’t pull enough airflow to clear out two GFs.

The plan is to definitely be running both simultaneously, so ideally it would be a single fume extraction set up, rather than two GlowForge exhaust fans which is the worst case scenario, but I would ideally want to keep it simple with one.

Here are two options I found that has dual fume extraction units, but I have nothing to gauge by pervious customer experience with laser cutters. Both are from the company PUREX which seem legit, especially seeing it on BossLaser.


Boss Laser: Laser Fume Extraction System

If you have any thoughts or concerns, let me know! :slight_smile:

Well the description on the first unit says that unit pulls 135 CFM which isn’t enough for even one GF so I doubt it would be able to manage two.
You need about 195-200 CFM per Glowforge. Can’t tell what the CFM on the second one is.

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I think you should be mentally prepared for the replacement filter cost of running two Glowforges through filters. Be sure to do the research on expected throughput before replacement. If there were any possible way to continue venting out a window, I’d be looking into it.


After hearing @ekla mention the power needed and reading more on how often you have to change filters (and the cost), I’m reevaluating to make it work through the window.

I’ll read more into the articles @evansd2 mentioned, but if you have any other knowledge on a dual exhaust set up through the window, please send my way :slight_smile:

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