Dude! You're getting a Glowforge!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one, but I ordered my Glowforge (squeeeeeeeee!) kind of for me, and also kind of for my husband. And… well, I was kind of hoping to put it under the Christmas tree. Now, I know it’s not going to ship early enough for that (sad). But I would still like it to be part of Santa’s delivery! I want to put something in an envelope that says “Dude, You’re getting a Glowforge”!

I can Photoshop something well enough, I suppose, but I thought… you know… in your obviously copious freetime, that you guys might be game to make something for all of us? Something pretty? Something… official?

Um…that’s something like 9,000+ people, most of which already know they are getting a Glowforge. :wink:

Maybe come up with something and look for a local maker space where you can buy some laser time to have it cut/engraved.

We also thought “Boy it’d be cool to laser engrave something for everyone for the holiday! It’d be quick, like a minute to print and a few seconds to stuff the envelope!”

Then we did the math.

Sorry :frowning:


Yep, but I like your attitude. It really says alot that you would even consider it. I think everyone should be happy that you guys are pounding away at getting all the kinks out of the system.

Keep up the good work Glowforge team!


@peanut, you should design something and get it laser cut (by a different company)!!!

Math always seems to get in the way of things. :grin:


Oh! That’s not actually what I meant. I have ideas, now, for sure, but I was just looking for a pretty PDF I could print out. Now I’m making better plans, but that totally wasn’t my original intention. That’s what I get for trying to write something coherent at midnight.

So, yes! PDF! But I will now go spend some quality time with Photoshop since I’m apparently in the minority.



I had read the original request to mean a PDF. So don’t feel bad there @peanut.

If the GF team did have time, putting together a single sheet PDF we could print out and either present as a gift stand-in, or for those buying for themselves, just place where the Forge will live some day would be awesome.

I would picture something which says pretty simply “Future Owner of a GlowForge” with a URL to the forums. And the remainder of the paper could maybe be an outline for eventually placing on top of some material and cutting. A simple GlowForge logo would be sufficient.

Here, I tossed this together real quick and terribly. I have it as a PDF and AI file, but can only upload as image.


Lol…choked on my beer there.


Here you go @peanut

My quick design as a jpeg, meant to be printed double-sided on 8.5x11 letter-size cardstock. feel free to use it if you can’t or don’t feel like making your own:

@jacobturner beat me to it, but he forgot the “Dude” part.
For my part, I forgot to add the community.glowforge link.
I may post it to my site for download as a vector in ai/eps/pdf if there is any interest, or I’m happy to email it out, just PM an email address.


This was greatly enjoyed by the team here.

Hey Dan,

If you could send me mine after Thanksgiving, I could do half of them to help you guys out.

:grinning: :christmas_tree:


Lol that’s a great way of trying to get it early. Now if they send me a GF by then I’ll do the eastern half of the world 4,500+ prints :stuck_out_tongue: then we have both halts covered, now we just need 2 international postmen that want a GF early