Duel Deck Box (MTG)


I’ve recently decided to stop selling my designs and instead give them away and accept donations on Patreon. As such I’ve recently gone through my online shop and reduced the prices to be free.

One of my items was this duel deck box for Magic the Gathering. Available for download here: http://laseredby.me/shop/mtg-duel-deck-box-pattern


These are beautiful! Is there any special consideration about cut directions? Such as the hinge running with the grain or against it.


Beautiful work.


I cut these out of plywood, so grain wasn’t an issue. Do be careful when putting them together to not break the hinges though. You can fit 4 individual boxes per sheet of plywood (so one sheet of Maple and Walnut will give you 4 sets of boxes).




Good luck with your new business model!


Nicely done! Hope you get a lot of donations! :grinning:


“business” model :wink:


Great living hinge file - thanks! Friends are just fascinated by these.


Thank you for design. Good luck in your new venture.