Dungeon & Dragons Orc War Wagon

So I gave running Storm King’s Thunder another shot, but I had an all orc party that was looking to do good, improve relations for the Many Arrow Tribe, and rebuild their Clan after a rival Clan nearly wiped them out to start a war.

Any way, they wanted a War Wagon, which is a thing from earlier additions and third party stuff. I was using the first picture as a base. I would like to know how y’all think I did so far. Maybe a better way to go about designing it. I want to add leather roofs(rooves?) instead of what is pictured.

I use Inksckape to do my designs, incase someone has a trick or two using that software.
Thank you in advance.
Orc War Wagon
Prototype OWW
Prototpyr OOW 2
Prototpyr OOW 3
Prototype OWW 4


I think your wagon is super cute! It’s a great base for adding embellishments. To me, it looks like your photo reference is using canvas rather than leather. That would be a lot easier to roll up like the photo shows. Look for duck canvas, it’s really thick.


This is so cute!


Really cool!


Thank you. I have never heard of Duck Canvas before.

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Cotton duck is a great fabric. Very sturdy, unlike thinner fabrics it handles engraving designs on it in the Glowforge.